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New iPhone Blacklisted

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I purchased a new iPhone through the Fido webiste and the phone was shipped directly to my home.

Then, later that evening I received an email that the pin on my Fido account was reset - I never recalled setting a pin on my Fdo account.  Then, I tried to log into my Fido account and I received an alert that my Fido account was suspended.

I visited the nearest Fdo store and they told me that the phone I just bought had been reported as stolen and is now a blacklisted device. I was so confused as to how this could happen.  Anyhow, I presented 2 pieces of Government ID to validate my identity.  The Fido employee told me that my account suspension had been lifted but I needed to call the Fido Fraud Department.  So after many repeat phone calls to them, I never was able to talk to anyone.  And, my Fido account still remained suspended.

So, here we are now over a month after and finally today I was able to get through to Fido's validation department and the suspenson has been lifted from my account but my new phone still remains blacklisted. Apparently it will take about 7 business days for this to be investigated.

This is all such a weird situation and no one from Fido can tell me why or how this happaned.  I am serioulsy considering switching carriers now after this mess that I've had to go through.



Hey @yvr_ryan and welcome to the Community!


I can understand how this whole situation can be preoccupying and I hope I can shed some light on some questions you may have.


Without having access to your account to see what happened exactly, I presume it is highly likely that your order was flagged by our internal team as a fraud attempt which is why a PIN was put on your account to prevent further access to it by anyone. This process also requires the device that was orderd to be blacklisted to prevent it from being used on any Canadian network and it takes a few business days to have it removed from that list.


Why was it flagged? We wouldn't be able to answer this here wihtout more info but a common reason is that a different credit card under someone else's name was used during the transaction.


We're sorry to read about the delay it took for your account to be lifted from its suspension and your account's security is our top priority. If you still have unresolved situations, don't hesitate to reach us out through our servicing channels found here.