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I'm qualified level 1
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 Hi guys!I just requested Fido to put a note on my account to the fact that: " I'll never ask to port my number."  and they graciously did. It took me 3 minutes! Our lives revolves around our numbers as id meanwhile of a more robust system Better saf...
Just wondering...Has anyone received the android 10 on LG G8 on Canada yet?I saw this post on XDA some in US have it see here  Apparently V50 Android 10 is coming soon too.
Is this the era where you more **bleep** to someone gets you better service? I didn't get this post ,neither did you I presume!   Sorry but let's not get in the habit..seems like more people takes this community for the complaint department. !?  The...
Hello Fidoers In your general post you may wish to include a brief description of: 1. Your phone model.2. Mention of your current plan.3. Confirming softwares and apps are up-to-date.4. Identify which android or IOS system version and which network i...
Hi Fido friends,I've noticed my account number is not partially masked when I receive bill reminders sent by email. If you've entered an email in my profile preferences, Fido system setup to automatically send you bill reminders that way too. I  did ...