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Cancel The Account

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Cancel The Account

Hi, this is Jack and I am wondering about the way to shut the account down as I already left Canada. Thank you


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Re: Cancel the account

Solved by Former Moderator FidoCatherine

Hi there @jjkk9


Thanks for reaching out!


Whenever you wish to cancel your Fido account, you must get in touch with our Customer Service Smiley


You can do so by dialing *611 from your Fido phone while in Canada, or +1-514-925-4590 if you're outside of Canada. Our Call Cenre agents are available Monday to Friday: 8am to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from 9am to 5pm (ET). You can also reach us from a landline, if you have technical difficulties with your Fido. We also accept collect calls. 


You can also LiveChat with a representative through, and view the other "Contact Methods" by clicking here We're also availble to reach through Messenger, on our Facebook Page, or by Direct Message on Twitter. If you'd rather do this with me online here, let me know and we'll contact you by PM Smiley

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I have tried three times but the waiting time with represeresentative more than 40 minutes each time


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Hey @artmalik


I'll send you a OM.


Talk to you soon!

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Hi My name is Andrei.I want to cancel my plan.But my phone is broken.Can I cancel through your web site using my laptop.If it possible ;how? Thanks

Hello Andrei,


Cancellation can not be done online through self-serv it can only be done by a Fido representative, you can contact them through any of the available methods listed here.



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Hi everybody, 


I'm wondering, how I can cancel my services with FIDO. I've understood that I can do it calling the customer service, but I've been trying a lot and I always got the same answer "we are having an overwhelming demand...". 


Regarding that I'm abroad, Is there an option to do it on the website or a friend can go in person to one of the stores and solve it for me?



Hey @sa772051!


We're sad to hear that you want to cancel Sad


I moved your post here as it deals with the same topic. Check out FidoCatherine's solution for all the ways you can get in touch with us while abroad! Smiley We'll be more than happy to help!


If you prefer, we can even send you a PM here on the Community, just let us know!



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Hi there,

I need to cancel my account. I am living abroad and not coming back to Canada for now.

I tried to call the customer service, nobody answer... I tried by facebook, twitter and again I am waiting and waiting without any answer...

Please, can you help me?



Hey @DavidCasanella, welcome to the community!


Were you able to get in touch with anyone on Facebook or Twitter? If not I'll be happy to send you a PM! Let me know!

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Hello. I would like to cancel a line I have. I was wondering if anyone would be available to help me through PM?

Hey @Jessie75,


Welcome to the community! Smiley


We're sad to learn that you're looking to cancel your account. Nonetheless, we can defintely assist you with that!


You can get in touch with a customer service representative via the phone or live chat here:


If you prefer, we can also send you a PM here.


Let us know! 


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Please correct your information regarding cancelling an account via chat - after some rude exchanges and a defective secureID form I am told cancellations cannot be done though chat.

I have a tablet plan along with my phone plan. I do not use the tablet so I would like to cancel it. It makes no sense to keep it.

I cannot phone as I am at work during your business hours.

Hello there @Edo42 !


We haven't heard back from you. Let us know if you still need help cancelling your account!

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Hello, I returned to my countey and I need to cancel or close my account. Could you please help me with it?


Hi @Andy21


Welcome to Community!


I have moved your post in this thread as it responds to your query. 

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I have tried for days to talk with someone. Impossible. Fido uses it contacts asa maze within a loop.  Cancel my account. I am leaving for an extended amount of time.

Hello @John-Atlee


Sorry to hear you want to cancel your account, but we understand that you are leaving and it needs to be done. The Accepted Solution in this thread explains how the cancellation can be done. 



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Hi there,


I will leave Canada by the end of September and so I have to cancel my phone plan. Can you please tell me how to do that or PM me? 


Highly appreciated!

Hi @JessyS


Welcome to the Community. 


I moved your post in this thread as it deals with the same topic. Sending you a PM to help you with the cancellation. 



Former Moderator

Hey Edo42!


That doesn't sound right. Live chat agents are able to perform most transactions including closing a line. Did they give you a reason for which they were unable to make the change for you?


Let us know!

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Cthis advise is useless. No one answers the phone. No one texts. Can I get real contact pleas