20 Years with Fido

20 Years with Fido

20 Years with Fido

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20 Years with Fido

I have been with Fido for almost 20 Years.  Coming up this December.


You can say that I have been a very loyal customer.


For the first 10 years, Fido actually sent me a SWATCH as a gift.  That was really nice of them.


I wonder if I will get anything from Fido for 20 years?



How many people out there has been with Fido for 20 years or longer?


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22, almost 23 years here.  1998 with my first cell phone then switched accounts in 2000 but have stayed with them ever since early 1998.


We've had our ups and downs but they have been good to me overall. Sometimes I wonder how things went from the mid 2000's City Plan's unlimited talk time anywhere anytime that was meant to rival local landlines with our cells and only cost $50, to today's XXL plans that don't have either unlimited data or talk and that cost $125/month...


...and phones are over a grand. Sheesh.


has anyone else been with Fido this long? What has your experience been like?

Hey @Brynhendricksto


We're happy to have you with us for almost 23 years! Thank you for your loyalty Smiley

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Hi @Kenny13!


20 years is definitely a milestone! So glad to have you with us. Very_Happy We definitely appreciate your loyalty and hope for many more years to come!

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20 Years with Fido has just come and gone.


No email or anything from Fido for being a loyal customer.


Loyalty is not what it use to be.


Wow! 20 years!


That's amazing, Kenny13 and we definitely appreciate it. 


Your account is old enough to drink. Wink