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My account has been hacked

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I received an email from Fido stating that someone had requested a new Iphone. I didn't order anything.


I log in to find that indeed a new iphone was order to be shipped to a different address than mine. The funny thing is that I called Fido at 4:45pm and explained I didn't order any Iphone and request the cancellation of the order, the agent tells me she can't cancel order but she will open a case for the fraud department. Hanged up and at 5:19pm I get another email saying: We're getting your order ready! Another iphone on my second line!!!! Like if someone updated the order from my main line to my second one.


The first thing I did before calling Fido was update my password. How come someone orders a second iphone a few minutes after talking to a Fido agent??????


Agent mentioned that someone has called 4 times before me but they didn't provide information because they couldn't verify the account... After what happened, this is hard to believe. 



Hello @MO98,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to hear if your account has been compromised. 

We'll be happy to help if you contact us through these methods