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20+ years of Loyalty for nothing

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been with Fido for 20+ years. I recently called Fido to upgrade my 2 (out of 3) phone lines and hoped Fido would offer some sort of Loyalty benefits/discounts. Wishful thinking I guess, I was only offered to wave the activation fees, $30. Highly disappointed beyond belief. I mean c'mon! $30 one time as supposed to a $200/month in bills?! Lol. Smh

Been shopping around for a new company since and searching for a good deal, considering Fido doesn't value the loyalty of their customers. Listen to me, don't waste your time here, this coming from a 20+ year customer, when plans used to be $20/month (data included). It's obvious Loyalty does not go a long way with Fido.


Thanks for nothing


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

That helps me consider my approach here. I have 25+ years as a customer, but just see the same offers that every newbie would see. I recently wanted to upgrade my amount of Data to something around 10MB, but only get offers for 25 MB and the opportunity to increase my monthly cost. It would seem that the Fido view is only to increase the spending by customers versus building a plan for loyalty that accounts for long-term customers. I guess that the underlying question for us is "Why did we stay so long if we were not getting the value we wanted?" Obviously having our phone numbers locked in for a long period of this time is a factor and the pain of changing.  Will post a general question and see what people say.


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I'm sorry to learn about your experience in regards to a new device upgrade. We'd hate to see you go over this. By all means, you can always review your options with us here and see if we can turn this around!