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FIDO Extra scratch contest

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I finally hit the 3 dogs after so long of playing the FIDO extra game but to my surprise i didn;t receive any info, it just closed the app on me and now I don't see my winning. Can someone please help.


I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hey original Lucy thanks for your reply. 
I tried contacting the customer service and they tell me that they are unaware of this kind of contest. I don't know what to do now?

Hey @b33i!


Welcome to the Community Smiley


Can you please confirm if you were playing the PKG contest?


If so, while the PKG contest expired, you can still find all the terms and conditions of this contest on our website. We'll also be posting a new thread on the Community to announce all the winners, later on.


In the meantime, here's what you should expect when scratching for an instant win prize:

  1. Tap a checkbox to accept the contest rules and then tap to play one of three different games: Spin the Wheel, Scratch a Match, or Break the Wall.
  2. After the game, you will immediately know if you are a potential winner and you will receive instructions to claim and redeem their prize.

That said, since the app closed, you would need to access the "History" tab in FidoXtra to view any prize you've won and claimed. The full details below:


  • Claiming a prize: Potential contest winners must take some actions to become a confirmed winner and receive their prize. The deadline will be clear in the instructions in Fido XTRA and if they miss the deadline the prize is forfeited.
    1. Customers must tap a checkbox accepting the Winners Release Form and fill out their personal contact information, including shipping address for physical prizes.
    2. Customers must successfully answer a math skill testing question. They have 2 tries to answer correctly, with a 5-minute timer for each attempt. If they do not answer correctly or the timer expires after both attempts, then the prize is forfeited.
    3. After the customer successfully claims their prize, it will be available in their History tab in Fido XTRA with all relevant redemption details or shipping timelines.

Hope this helps and don't hesitate if you have any questions.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Thanks FidoJonathan

Hey @b33i , congratulations on matching 3 in the contest. You would have to ask a representative of Fido customer support that question. We don't have access to anyone's account here on the community forum. You can contact customer support Here for any questions you have about the contest. Again,  congratulations