apple watch series 4

apple watch series 4

apple watch series 4

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apple watch series 4

Apple just announced Apple watch series 4 yesterday!


For the GPS+Cellular, they support Rogers in this generation, since Rogers and Fido are the same company, does Fido support series 4 too?

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Hey @chrisliu0424


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We don't support Apple Watch.


We anticipate a lot of excitement around the new iPhone models and that is what we're focusing on. As of now, we don't have any updates on whether or not we would carry/support Apple Watch in the future. I'd suggest you keep an eye on for updates on our products and services.


That said, you can buy the Apple Watch and pair it with a compatible iPhone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but not our LTE network. 


Hope this clarifies!

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We have no news regarding that @fischersd. I'd suggest keeping an eye on our website for updates.


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I would suggest that Fido is inept at keeping up with the times and satisfying their customers. And such, will lose them. 


So so sad for Fido. 

 Bye bye

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I have looked through the boards discussing Fido supporting iWatch series 4 and the cellular surface. I have noticed your reasoning as waiting for the new phones to come out, well they are here and I’ve been told you have the software. Now what? Your customers are telling you that we want access to the cellular option, is there a reason you can not provide it to us?


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I've moved your post to this thread as it's related to the same subject an you will be able to find all the info you are looking for here. 


As mentionned above, we do not currently support the Apple Watch on our network. If something changes, we'll post an updatein this thread.


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This is very disappointing. I've been with Fido for 15 years. My current iPhone contract expires in November. If Fido does not offer Apple Watch support by November, I will sadly have to leave Fido and find another option.

Hey @Michael_S


We are really happy to learn that you have been with us for so long. It would be really sad to see you go.

We do hope that you decide to keep your services with us.

I do invite you to keep an eye on our upcoming promotions here.



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I would hate to be a Fido CSR and be forced to keep doling out the canned responses. Rogers is keeping Fido from providing the service to keep Rogers customers from moving to a cheaper alternative like Fido. I'm curious if Koodo or Virgin offer the esim support for the Apple watch? 

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I think everyone is forgetting that the Big Three Telecoms are using the Apple Watch as a pawn to get you to move back to them so you can pay them. Its a monopoly, and they want your money, not in so called competition providers, which they control anyway, but that's way it is. No hurry here, until they can't get anymore "new" customers, then they'll maybe look into having Apple Watch sim support. Until then, I for one am not giving them anymore money than I have too.

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when do you think that you are going to release or update it so that fido custermers can use the LTE

When we know, you'll know, @vballstar10!

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Promises for months about supporting the Apple Watch 4 cellular and no real answers, just a “hang in there”

itnisnpretty wring to have that as the only responses.

 Get to it and do it or I may leave as well to Rogers.

are Fido customers second rate citizens compared to Rogers? I think not, however that is how we are being treated with this issue

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Why doesn't Fido have support for apple watches yet? Rogers/Telus/Bell all have LTE support. Fido is now two years behind industry standard. What's fido doing to keep up and retain all the customers that will be leaving due to this lack of service?

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Oh I am sure the answer goes something like... hang in there and we will update you as soon as we know something which will likely be after the next upgrade or change so Fido can still be behind  that new change as well.

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or they will give some generic answer that you can still connect the watch to the phone via bluth tooth. 


I'm losing my patience here and like many want to jump ship to a cerrier that has support. The only way they will speed this up if we get current customers voicing their opinions......

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Will Fido be offering the Apple Watch at somepoint?

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Hey @jlits


I moved your post to this thead as you'll find your answer here.  Also, this is the thread that we'll update if something changes! Smiley

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So, now that Fido is supporting eSIM provisioning, can we finally see some movement on Apple Watch support?

...or will be waiting for a few more revisions of Apple Watch with cellular support to pass before the policy makers pull their heads out of their .....  (and, yes, we've seen the "big three" restrict AW support to only their flagship brands...if the CRTC ever needed evidence of collusion....I guess they also have the 10GB/$60 price hikes that are being done in unison...not that they'll ever do anything).





Hey @fischersd!


At this time only a physical SIM card works with Fido services. If you have one of the new iPhone X / XS models you can use the eSIM for a secondary provider while using the physical SIM for Fido. 


In terms of the Apple watch with cellular, it's not something Fido supports at this time. 


We'll update everyone on eSIM when there are more details to share Smiley



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Why doesn’t Fido support Apple Watch? It’s annoying considering that other major networks offer that, including Rogers. It is a good enough reason for people to switch to the competition!

Hey @Giuseppe_Vacca! Thank you for participating in the community. Smiley


I've moved your post to this thread for you. It will have the answers and any updates regarding your topic.


I can certainly understand your irritation with that and I'll make sure to forward your viewpoint on this matter.


Thank you!

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This recent announcement should mean a change in this.