apple watch series 4

apple watch series 4

apple watch series 4

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apple watch series 4

Apple just announced Apple watch series 4 yesterday!


For the GPS+Cellular, they support Rogers in this generation, since Rogers and Fido are the same company, does Fido support series 4 too?

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Hey @chrisliu0424


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We don't support Apple Watch.


We anticipate a lot of excitement around the new iPhone models and that is what we're focusing on. As of now, we don't have any updates on whether or not we would carry/support Apple Watch in the future. I'd suggest you keep an eye on for updates on our products and services.


That said, you can buy the Apple Watch and pair it with a compatible iPhone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but not our LTE network. 


Hope this clarifies!

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Hey @MorriC!


We have no news on E-SIM right now. At this time, you can only use a physical SIM card for our services. We'll be sure to update everyone as soon as there are more details to share Smiley



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I'm really hoping that Fido offers cellular service for the Apple watch.  I just received the Apple watch 4 for a gift, and may have to change carriers because of seeking cellular service for my watch.  That would be a shame; I've been with Fido for almost 15 years!!  Terrible to end this relationship over something that can be rectified!!

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A loyal customer, bought all phones from Fido and suggest many friends and they did too. 


All have same problem, Fido doesn’t support Apple Watch series 4. 


Why ? Rogers does that.. after all same company. 



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Hey @Jaysidd


We definitely appreciate this level of loyalty in a customer and having you with us. As for the Apple Watch Series 4, we do not have any further information on this at this time. 


In regards to Rogers, it's important to note that though we're affiliated, we operate separately. 

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Good day Pierre,

you need to revise your relation with Rogers. 

As per your term and services :

Fido Terms and Conditions

  1. Introductory Information
    1. How do the Fido Terms of Service apply to me?

      These Fido Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your use of:

      1. the Fido services that you subscribe to or purchase under a service agreement or receive from or through Fido, including mobile and home services (“Services”); and
      2. any device or equipment used to access the Services or used with the Services (“Equipment”).

      In these Terms, “Fido”, “us”, “we” and “our” means Fido, operated by Rogers Communications Canada Inc.

So, I’m sorry but all your legal document say you do are operated by Rogers and not only a « affiliate ». 

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Hi there.


New Apple Watch Series 4 owner here. Is Fido planning to support cellular service this year, or do I need to start shopping for service elsewhere?


I’d love keep all our service here. Please let me know if support is coming. 




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Hey @sayyeah


We don't want to lose you either😟


We still have not received any details! Stay tuned, we'll update you as soon as we receive more info! 


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So Roger’s which owns Fido is basically going to treat us who use Fido as inferior customers as compared to a Rogers user ? Those using Rogers get the Apple Watch while we don’t ...

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Support, as this is not a technical limitation, it must be a business decision, maybe the lack of demand? It's been three weeks already, not sure this is still considered "shortly" timeframe. 🤔


Any way we can show Management that Fido customers want the Apple Watch Series 3/4 LTE? Do we need to call/email/message service reps every few days asking for it? Trying to help here.

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Even if they figure there isn't enough demand to stock, sell and market the apple watch, the expenses to support it for people who have bought watches through apple would be very little, hardly an excuse.

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I see Rogers now offers the series 4 Smart watch and plans. Does Fido offer this yet? If not is there any plans on offering these services anytime soon? 

Hey @Danmikolcevic,


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I've moved your post to this thread, you'll be able to find the answer to your question in the solution above.




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It’s ridiculous that cellular is not supported and Fido is not even planning to do so in near future?!? 

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Somehow I posted on an older thread; as stated I have 8 devices with fido.  I will be purchasing apple watch 4 with cellular FROM APPLE and if there are no short term plans for support by Fido I will be cancelling all services with Fido.  Hate to go to Bell or Rogers but so be it.

Hey @bbbreezy


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I moved your other post since it was a duplicate. 


I can understand the importance of being able to use your Apple Watch with your service provider. 


We would hate to see you go because of this Sad 


I assure you that we always aim to offer our customers the best services and products. 


This is still something that we're looking into at as we build system functionality to support the technology.


Your feedback is truly appreciated and i'll make sure to forward it to the right people!


As soon as we have more news, we'll make sure to update our Community.

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All a very good discussion. 


It's clear that Fido needs to address this now, otherwise it's customer base will start acting. 


Customer's simply deserve to know what their provider will offer.  If this were cutting edge technology (eSim / Apple Watch), a delay is understandable.  But a full year of 'more to come' is unessesary and (frankly) rude to the customer. 


The real head scratcher is that the infrastructure exists AND customers are actively requesting to use an additional paid service.  Take this as a gift FIDO - you'll generate more revenue and please your existing customers.

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Another long term customer (15+ years) left holding the bag.


Customer service says no support for the AW4.


No information on when it can be ordered, or if it will be offered.


I'm getting tired of being treated like a second class citizen when I've been a loyal customer for this long.


Fido runs on the same network as Rogers, and Rogers supports the AW4... someone please explain to me how this makes any sense?





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Agreed. Fido is Rogers poor (shunned) cousin, it seems. I'm about to buy a Series 4 and and i'm actively thinking about taking my 2 lines elsewhere.


Fido SHARES Rogers network  / hardware so why is this an issue other than coming up with billing options?

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Same boat, I've been with fido for 8+ years. I've already ordered an apple watch from Apple. If Fido doesnt' get support by the spring I'll switch to Telus, who has a better network anyhow.  I don't mind carrying my phone on me in the winter with a jacket, but being able to leave my phone behind when I'm cycling in the spring will be nice.


Rogers is supporting it, Fido uses the same network, so the infrastructure is there. Even if Fido doesn't sell the watch they should support it's use. Not supporting it is basically just saying - Hey customers, we don't want you to gice us more money to support our ESIM network upgrade.

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I'm leaving Fido after 10 years this week when my Apple Watch arrives. Too bad, I was happy with the services and price. I'd perhaps wait a month or two if somebody, anybody at Fido had a clue. I called customer and the CSRs -- I was handed over to someone who was supposed to know something -- resorted to guessing (they weren't even aware that Rogers was supporting the AW). Here in the forum, the Fido reps gloss over the lack of support and info by telling us that we can still use our Apple Watch with our iPhones! No. Kidding.