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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I don't know what to say about fido's device protection plan from Brightstar beside sad and mad! I have an iPhone X with 2-year contracts with FIDO, and when I process this contract FIDO is strongly suggested with their Device Protection Plan. So I trusted FIDO and I purchased a premium protection plan which I have to pay an additional 13 dollars a month. 


Last week my phone had a screen problem and I contacted Fido and Brightstar, soon Brightstar informed me I can get my phone repaired at UbreakIfix store in Aurora, Ontario. When the store notify me my phone has been repaired but I have to contact Brightstar to process a 199.97 dollar payment to retrieve my phone otherwise I cannot get my cellphone back. If I must have my iPhone back the store would only replace the broken screen so I can take it back. 


So I made few phone calls with BrightStar, and during the conversation, they hanged my phone 3 times just made it like an accident and they are not going to fix my phone unless I pay the money they ask for!  $13*24month=312(before tax)  and to fix the screen I have to pay another 199, that 's totally **bleep** to this company and to fido!


This thing ends up with I get my iPhone fixed at another repaired shop and cost me $170 with a 3month guarantee! But I will stop my contract with fido and switch to another mobile service company. 


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Hello Faceshots,


  Welcome to the community!


  It's unfortunate you did not understand that you need to pay a processing fee for a device repair. However from what you note, it is not a scam. Device protection is like any other insurance, you pay a regular premium (monthly or yearly fee) and if you file a claim there is a deductable or processing fee. The fee isn't something they just made up to try to scam you. The fees would have been outlined in the documentation provided to you when you first purchased the protection. You can also view the fee schedule here. There is a repair processing fee as well as a replacement processing fee depending on the claim; and the fees vary depending on the cost of the device. The outright cost for the base iPhone X (64Gb) was $1319 (see here). That makes the phone a tier 5 device and its repair processing cost $175+tax.


  From what I understand, you brought your phone somewhere else to get repaired. If the repair was done with Brightstar, the repair would have had a 12 month warranty.


  I also understand you're frustrated by this experience. However, you should note that if you do choose end your contract early, you will have to pay the balance owing on your phone.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

If I was smart enough I should read this forum first and choose Applecare,(The price of AppleCare for iPhone X will be $249 and comes with up to two incidents of accidental damage. For screen damage, service fees are $39, while any other damage is $129, both with tax on top.) because there are many cases reported the same as mine! And I will explain why the protection plan is SCAM Fido customers!  Premium Protection Plan is $13 a month and totally will cost your $312(before tax) For many cellphones $300 would almost cover the expense of most of the repair fee. And If you go with Brightstar each time to repair your phone you would have to pay a deductible about $120(This is my case, but price may vary depends on the phone you have) $40 goes to Brightstar processing fee and $40 will pay to the shop.  So here comes a conclusion, If I want my iPhone repaired I must spend $234(18monthes Protection Plan cost) and $199.97 for my screen replacement, which will total cost me $433.97. For this good amount of money, I wondered why I buy this POOR protection plan!


I did my first repair with Brightstar and there is NO 12 months of warranty as you have mentioned. I have to Poto to prove it, my first time repaired was done on Apr 15, 2020(Contacted with repair technician on Apr 14, 2020), and the repair was done not very well. My phone had a cheap screen replaced and the sensitiveness is bad. I have to push hard with my fingertip and sometimes I have to repeat two or three times.


The second time screen issue happened with no sign of notice on June 6, 2020. First, the screen becomes blurred and indistinct, and then after about 10 mins, the screen became black, and it never works again. After a brief conversation with Brightstar, I brought my phone to the store to do the repair. repair.jpg

IF you are trying to convince me of your point, I don't buy it!

Hello again,


@Faceshots wrote:...And I will explain why the protection plan is SCAM Fido customers!... ...For this good amount of money, I wondered why I buy this POOR protection plan!...

  What you've described is the age-old question of whether device protection is worth it. There are many discussions on this exact topic (see here, and here, and here for a few). Some people believe it's absolutely necessary; others feel it's not worth the money. Full disclosure, I do not have device protection for my phone. Just because you might not feel the protection is worth the money, that does not make it a SCAM. All of the details of the fees and coverage should have been outlined in the document you were provided when you purchased the protection.


  That said, I'm not sure why there are those extra fees you mentioned. For example, why are additional fees going to the repair shop?


@Faceshots wrote:..I did my first repair with Brightstar and there is NO 12 months of warranty as you have mentioned....

  According to the website, there should be:



~taken from link provided above.


  You might consider contacting Brightstar Customer Care to ask they why the warranty did not apply.


Hope this helps 😀