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Promo on my account but i cant access it

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, i am trying to access my promo to add a new line. The promo is exclusive online on my account. A rebate for 24 months + 2 gb bonus for 24 months with a new activation. However from the morning i am trying to get the deal but unsuccessful since its telling me to contact a validation team. I called the validation team they said its a known error and he fixed it and i just have log out and log back in. However the error is still there and its telling me that i cant add more lines. I contacted fido csr right away and the person said i can have upto 7 lines in total so that should not be a problem. I want to get the deal with a new line with a samsung s10 with with the bonus earbuds hopefully i dont lose these promos.



Hey @Naim4444 !


We definitely want you to benefit from the promo you're eligible to. Smiley


Please contact customer service whenever you're ready, and they'll be able to help you add a line to your account.