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Brightstar / Fido Insurance is scam

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am Fido customer since 5 or 6 years. around 15 months ago Fido offered me bigger plan and had to pay around 500+tax for the an iphone X. the customer representative emphasized that protection plan will be a peace of mind. now I lost my phone and called brightstar/fido customer representative the lady told me that I have to pay 150+tax. I agreed to process the payment and she told me wait a minute I have to speak with my co-worker. when she return she told me they had to make some adjustments and i have to pay 400+tax. Brand new phone in the kijiji is available on 700 why would someone pay this much money after paying more than $115 monthly?????


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Brightstar is tottaly scam.  I experienced same thing . They have no words . They say something and do something else .Be aware of all you . 

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  I replied to your other post here.


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Hello Azizfaqiry,


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  I'm sorry to hear you lost your phone. However, the details you have provided do not suggest any wrongdoing. Brightstar determines the cost to replace devices depending on the original cost of the device (see below).


~ taken from here.


  The outright cost for the base iPhone X (64Gb) was $1310 (see here). That makes the phone a tier 5 device and its replacement cost $400+tax. You might have paid $500+tax upfront, but that was not the total cost for the device ($500 + (subsidy x 24 mts)).


  I would be weary about the stated costs for similar devices on selling sites such as Kijiji. Recently, a college student in the GTA was duped into purchasing a fake iPhone (see here). There have also been other reports of similar SCAMs as well (see here and here). A quick perusal of Kijiji suggests $700 seems a little on the low side. Admittedly, different areas will have different offerings. However, if it seems too good to be true...


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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I purchased the insurance for I belive $12 to $15 a month a few years back.  My contract is expiring next month which means I can get a new phone under a new contract is simply switch providers.  I found out yesterday after removing my phone cover the back of my phone is damage which may be the result of me having difficulties hearing conversations for the past 2 months.


I contacted Fido who directed me to Bright Star.  I was offered a $70 processing fee to send my phone in to fix or $200 for a temp replacement while my phone is fixed.  The purpose of this insurance is to cover you and give you peace of mind when a situation like this arrise not burden you with additional fees.  


I'm still deciding what to do at the moment but I know in September I will definately be switching providers due to this insurance scam.

Hey @Pepper1996


I moved your post here since it's about the same topic.


I can confirm that there is a processing fee to replace your device with Brightstar. You can find the information with the solution in this thread.


The protection still helps you not having to pay full price for a new device if anything happens.