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iPhone Visual Voicemail

iPhone Visual Voicemail

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iPhone Visual Voicemail

I've had iPhones for years with Fido and have iPhone Value Pack on my lines (includes iPhone Visual Voicemail). Recently I noticed that I am unable to check or change greeting from my iPhone Voicemail phone app (Phone app - Voicemail - Greeting on top left). This is something I've always been able to do before. It's an iPhone XS running iOS12.1.


I contacted Apple and opened a support ticket but most of their support specialists said to contact Fido as it's mostly a provider-related issue.


So I reached out to Fido by phone (611) and they removed and re-added iPhone Value pack on line. I've also reset my VM passcode. I am able to dial into my voicemail service setup (press and hold "1" in dial-pad) and change my greetings through there. But I'm still unable to do so from the phone itself which is frustrating.


Is anyone else on an iPhone with VVM having the same issue? As in, when you click Greeting in Voicemail (Phone app) are you able to listen to and/or change your greeting from the phone itself?

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So I've been doing my own research on this and I think I'm finally able to get an answer - not from Apple, but from users on other networks. It does seem to be an Apple iOS issue. Users on other networks are seeing the same issue we are. So I guess I'll pass that along to Apple. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out soon.

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I had this same problem with the greeting, and also not being able to see new voicemail with visual voicemail. It suddenly happened yesterday. I wasn't updating or adding an app or anything. I did the usual airplane mode, reset network settings, hard reboot all to no avail. Fido reset the switch as they call it and even removed and readded the visual voicemail option on my account, all to no avail. I ended up restoring to a fresh iPhone (14.4.1) and same thing, no visual voicemail. I was going to swap the sim to my wife's phone when we realized hers wasn't working either. Same symptoms. Well I ended up fixing it today when a Fido rep asked what my voicemail number was set to. I looked in Settings > Phone and there was only "My Number" and it was correctly my number. I tapped on that and it wouldn't let me resave the same number so on a whim, I changed the number (just deleted a few numbers). Then I force quit the settings app, reopened it and changed the number back to my phone number...and lo and behold, it fixed the problem! Thought I would share this as I did a lot of googling and never came accross this answer.

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hello, i did try your method of changing my number, then re adding my number back. it seems to work temporarily, but as soon as i turn my phone off, it seems, it starts acting up again,  like not getting new visual voicemail notifications. i had 2 voicemails i didn't even know i had. seems like your solution works temporarily, nor permanent. wonder if its an apple issue or fido issue? 

Hey @DapperOfTheDead!


We are aware of the delayed with the visual voicemail notification delays and our teams are working diligently to resolve this. Are you also having some trouble with the greeting?

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only the missing visual voicemail notifications are missing. it's weird, if i call the actual fido voicemail number to check my voicemails, the visual voicemail notification pops right up. all this missing visual voicemails stuff just started happening to me about last september, before that it was working fine. i even changed my simcard, to no avail.

Hi @DrapperOfTheDead 


Do you have the value pack in your services at $7/month or do you have the basic voicemail feature that comes with your plan?


You might want to take a look at this thread see if that helps you.

Thanks for sharing @jamief1


We certainly want all our customers to have a positive experience and full access to their services.


With that said, while the voicemail service is provided by us, the Visual Voicemail is an Apple feature. Others have also experience similar behavior with that feature and hopefully this will be addressed in the next update.


Hope this helps!


Hey @Rob76,


That's definitely odd, you should be able to customize your greeting through the app. It looks like you've gone through quite a few troubleshooting steps already.


I would also like to add that you need to be connected to Cellular Data when accessing the Visual Voicemail, can you please confirm that Data was ON? Also, if you were connected to WiFi, could you try turning it OFF and try set up the custom greeting again?


Finally, I would also suggest Resetting the Network Settings on your device in Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings.


Can you give it a try and let us know if any of this made a difference?






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Thanks for the suggestions. Yesterday I did a complete iPhone restore to new through iTunes, reloading a fresh new install of iOS 12.1. That of course did not fix this issue.


Today I followed your suggestions; I disabled Wifi and was on Fido LTE (with good coverage and working data), and then did a restore of iPhone Network settings. Still not working.


I'm waiting to hear back from a senior Apple adviser, hopefully they'll have something. But speaking to two senior advisors yesterday, both indicated this is likely a carrier-side issue, which is why I posted on here. Wonder if Fido made a change to iPhone Visual Voicemail on their end that broke something.

Hey @Rob76! I'm sad to read that your issue is ongoing.


There's been no change to the Visual Voicemail that we know of. Just to be clear, you have no issues retrieving and listening to your voicemail correct? The issue is strickly with the greating?


Also, have you tried re-entering the auto dialer code for the visual voicemail?


You can do that by dialing the following: *5005*86*+16478396178# and pressing talk. It may not work, but it's worth a try. Smiley

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Yeah, Visual Voicemail is otherwise working great. Just the Greeting part, being able to modify, listen to, etc...to your greeting from the iPhone itself isn't working. Something that's worked flawlessly in the past.


Something interesting I noticed tonight. I checked my wife's iPhone (different model, same iOS version) and she's having the same issue on her device.


This makes me certain this is not a device-specific issue but rather one of two things; either iOS12.1 has this issue, and therefore by extension all iPhone users will be affected, or it's an issue on Fido's network end.


I'm going to check next week with colleagues at work who aren't on Fido but are iPhone users (on iOS12.1) and if they're not having this issue then it would be on Fido's end, Fido system technicians would hopefully look into.


Re: re-entering auto dialer code: What happens after dialing *5005*86*+16478396178#? Do you have to enter a code, hang up, something else?



I see! That's certainly interesting. Smiley


Keep us posted then. I'm curious about the conclusions Apple will arrive at. We can certainly escalate it on our end, if needed.


For the code; just enter it as if you were entering a phone # and press send. That's it!


The number will be saved after that.

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Haven’t heard from Apple yet but scouring the Apple support forums I didn’t come across anything recent about Visual Voicemail - not to say it can’t still be an iOS 12 issue but usually issues, no matter how small, always pop up there. So this may well be an problem on fido’s end. Would it be possible to escalate this within Fido?


And for what its worth, dialing in that string of numbers/characters didn’t make a difference.

Hey @Rob76


In this case it would seem that this situation is related to the App itself as you were able to call into our Voicemail system and set-up the greeting directly there. 


As much as we would love to able to further help escalate this on our end, the option to tap at the top of this page to set your greeting is specific to the App. My recommendation would be to contact the manufacturer once again and specify that you were able to manage your greetings by calling into the voicemail system. 

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So I've been doing my own research on this and I think I'm finally able to get an answer - not from Apple, but from users on other networks. It does seem to be an Apple iOS issue. Users on other networks are seeing the same issue we are. So I guess I'll pass that along to Apple. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out soon.

Thanks for the info @Rob76 ! We appreciate it Smiley


Keep us updated if possible