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How to get your old Community profile back

Hey Community,   Did you switch from using your phone number or Group ID to log in to to using an e-mail address? If so, you were probably asked to re-register to the Community, too. We figure that you may not be too happy about losing your o...


Resolved! Questions about cancelling the Internet Service

Hi, I am trying to cancel my Fido Internet service because I'm outside of Canada and nobody is using the service. I tried to cancel it online but failed.I cannot get back to Canada now because of COVID-19, so it will be a great waste to pay $75 month...

Hankemeng by I'm a Participant Level 2
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Second Line Billing

Hi, so I just added a line for someone to my account and I am wondering for bill payment, do we get to pay separately or altogether just because two plans are under the same account? Thank you!

Resolved! How can I get my phone call record?

Hi, My question is not how to get my call history detial like people whom I contacted with. For example, I gave whom the phone calls and who gave me the phone calls in the past. Thank you!!

Resolved! Data sharing

Can i purchase data for someone else and transfer directly to their phone? Can i do it from Fido app? Online?

Gaurav1207 by I'm a Participant Level 1
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Change number of rings before voicemail

I googled how to change the number of rings before voicemail kicked in and entered the code I found (**61*321**20#) and it said the change ("MMI code started - call forwarding when no reply registration was successful") but it still rings the same nu...

Marilyngris by I'm a Participant Level 1
  • 1 replies