automatic bill payment

automatic bill payment

automatic bill payment

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automatic bill payment

I am unable to add a checking account  payment, message we have hit a snag. CS can help only with credit card payment. I need to resolve this please, been pending for couple of months. Went to the store, could not help me either. Thank you!

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Hey @avko25


That's definitely not supposed to happen and I understand the importance of getting this resolved ASAP. 


To start, let's verify a few things together. 


1. Is this happening with more than one browser?

2. Have you tried doing a clear cache? 

3. Do you experience the same thing when trying to add the payment method on the Fido app? 


Let me know!  

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Hi FidoValeska,

Thank you got your reply.

It is happening in more than one browser and on different systems:

1. Tried on app on phone

2. Tried on PC at home, another office and at Fido store

3. It is happening for different payment system. At the Fido store CS took off my credit card payment and was not able to add that back either. I needed the payment type changed to checking account so as not to incur a monthly bank fee.

 I appreciate your help in this matter 🙏

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Hi @avko25,


I have this issue since last year, their CS keeps on asking me to reproduce the issue in their PMs. They have the whole team to fix this issue, but they ask me to login & send the screenshots of what is in my browser console. Their QAs are sleeping or whatsoever.


I am literally fed up with this bs.


@FidoValeska how long are you planning to keep this problem not resolved? You do not forget to charge me for "late" payment immediately after the bill was posted, but you fail to solve my issue.


Also, I would like to chat to your management. Please ask him/her to give me a call.

Hey @natalia2017!


This is being looked into from when we spoke last time, I assure you that our teams are investigating but the resolution can take some time.


In the meantime we'll update the payment method for you. I'm sending you a PM so we can do that Smiley



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Hi, I did this before, I am tired of filling out the same forms and not having my issue solved.



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Thanks to FIDO Rachel for suggesting to mail in the pap form with the void cheque. 

The fido store may not have the form like in my case but they may be able to print it provided they are able to search for it. You may have to guide them to search for the following key words 

fido pre authorized payment form


Here is a link the form.

I strongly suggest that you fax it as that is much quicker. I faxed and got a confirmation from FIDO before the end of that day.  


I do hope this takes care of the issue and I do not have to pay late fees and bank charges (I needed one more pap to avoid bank charges)

We're working on fixing the glitch on the site @natalie2017. In the meantime we can do it for you manually on our end, or you can use the form as @avko25 suggested! You can pick one up in a Fido store Smiley


Let us know what you prefer!



Looks like we'll need to take a closer look at that with you. 


We'll send you a PM shortly.