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Automatic Payment issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



My credit score will get hit becuase of no mistake of my own, but due to wrong communication and system's issue from Fido.


23rd Feb: I added auto-payment for bills. I got a cofirmation email that said that, "if your next payment is scheduled for within 48 hours of this payment method update, your pre-authorized payment will not be automatically processed on the new credit card."


25th Feb: I got a new bill email with payment due date on 20th March


Even though the auto-payment was added 3 weeks in advance, it didn't happen when the bill was due and all because of tech issue in Fido system.

25th March: I got a new bill for 2months due. I make manual payment immediately.


I call customer care and they said that auto-alert for late payment has been sent to credit bureau and their is no way to retract it. 

This is not ok! Fido is at fault and they neither accept it nor are helping.



Hello @aksharma,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sad to hear about your experience. This definitely isn't what we aim to provide you with. 


We are available over these methods for anything you need and we'll be happy to review the situation with you.