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Winback as fraud?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I ported one of my phone line to other carrier about 1 week ago, since then I received calls from 1 (833) 425-2387 every single day.  After the third time, I tried to pick up the phone call, but it never connects! 


I looked up this number and it seems it is from Fido/Rogers winback team, ironically, it never connected successfully, and when I called the regular Fido customer service, they told me this is likely a fraud call!


I am not sure if this is a genuine call from winback or fraud.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @slimsheep


Sorry to hear that you were having trouble getting in touch with them. Though just jumping in here to let you know that we confirm this is one of our outbound numbers being used by our Winback team Smiley


They should attempt to reach out to you again or a request can be sent by one of our agents by contacting us.



Hello @slimsheep , sorry to hear you've moved on from Fido. The calls are probably from winback, however they are made through an auto dialer and if the call isn't picked up it will switch to the next call. If you answer it takes a few seconds to connect with the agent and if either of you disconnect the call, then again it moves on to the next call. I hope that makes sense. If you truly want to speak with the winback team, answer the call and see what they have to say. You do have to make a decision fairly quickly on the offer, otherwise the offer will go away and it could be a month before you receive another call. If you don’t want to engage,  the calls will eventually stop or you can block the number. Hope that helps

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello @FidoSaad & @Original_Lucy

I have also moved to another provided after years of being with Fido. Since then, I have been contacted by the same number numerous times and when I do answer the call, it just disconnects automatically after 2-3 seconds. I do not mind having a chat with the winback team, however, it is becoming very frustrating receiving all these calls and having them disconnect from their side. What is the point of calling us if they are not planning to speak?
Would you possibly have any insight on what is going on?

Thank you in advance.