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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recieved an email saying I ordered an Iphone 12 pro max when I rarely even use my fido app. 


It started at 1 am in the morning yesterday when I recieved a bunch of email from 100+ subscription email. I checked all the emails then I saw an fido email saying there's a change on my account. It didnt bother me that much because I knew I didnt change anything and maybe they just wanted to notify me that some changes happenned on ny plan. And then, theres an email at almost midnight that I ordered an Iphone 12 pro max when I didnt even order one that its being shipped. I CANT CONTACT SUPPORT BECAUSE ITS ALREADY 12:27 AM RIGHT NOW. PLEASE HELP ME I CANT AFFORD TO PAY IPHONE 12 ! 


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I've had the same problem, but the problem was fixed pretty easily.

I noticed on a Sunday night a few weeks ago, that someone had ordered a phone. Starting 2 days prior, I was being flooded with an excessive amount of spam emails, too - in order to hide any confirmation emails or reciepts. I only noticed because I recieved a text from Purolator.


This is because YOUR email, password, peronal information was leaked in a data breach (haveibeenpwned allows you to check for free) on another website that you use the same email & password for. This is why you're supposed to use strong, unique passwords. Password managers are essential for helping with this. 


Contact Fido through the chat feature, either on the website or via social media (I had luck with Facebook messenger).

Then, as SOON as possible, contact the shipping carrier (Purolator) with a tracking number, if you recieved one. If you haven't, search through your emails, and junk folder.


After it's all settled, setup "rules" on your email account, so any email from Fido (or, you can have a rule saying 'emails that contain_____' (a phrase like purchase, reciept, shipment) will be forced into the inbox and alert you. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Looks like the same thing happened to me, how can there be pages and pages of threads like this with no resolution from Fido? I will be contacting Fido and cancelling my service tomorrow.

Hey @1234reading


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I am sorry to learn you were a victim of fraudulent activity on your account. Rest assured that we take these situations very seriously! Please know that our Fraud department will investigate the situation and reverse all charges incurred due to that.


Were you able to contact them? 


Hello @Ivan16,


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I would start by changing the password t your email and Fido account then contact customer service during business hours and let them know they should be able to cancel this one and they will open a ticket and someone from the fraud department will contact you.