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Why did my 2 promotions not come through on my 1st bill as promised?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I'm new to Fido.


On may 28th 2022 i took advantage of a couple of promotions and opend an account while also purchasing an iphone 13.


Among the promotions that i can recall offhand, the $50 set up fee was waived and there was a $120.00 credit to be applied to my account- both of them to come through *on my first bill*...


However i just received that first bill and it's over $170 dollars, contains no credits whatsoever and includes a set up fee.


I'm pretty upset and confused at this point.


Can anyone tell me what i should be doing, who i should be calling- or anything like that?


The $120 credit was to do with the iphone 13 purchase, the $50 was a limited time offer across all stores...


Also, my friend and i did the refer a friend thing since i was only there because she'd bought a phone 2 days before and joined Fido and told me about it- that credit is also nowhere to be seen.








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Hello DerEcho777,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear there might have been some confusion regarding the promotional credits. As already mentioned, most promotions would generally not apply to your first bill, but rather, on your second or third bills.


  I am not aware of the promotion you note regarding $120 towards an iPhone 13. However, is it possible that amount was divided as a monthly bill credit ($5 per month x 24 months)? Many of their advertised promotions are after bill credit. You would need to contact customer service to verify the details of that promotion. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


  With regards to the Refer a Friend program, did your friend refer you or was there a third party who referred the both of you? If it was your friend, I'm not sure whether she would be able to refer anyone at the moment. To be eligible to make a referral, her account would need to be in good standing for 30 days (see here). From what you note, it appears she just joined Fido recently. Unfortunately, that would not be sufficient time for her to refer anyone for the promotion.


  On the other hand, if her account was in good standing for the 30 days and she was eligible to refer people, the referee's account must also be in good standing for 30 days. As such, you would not receive the promotion on your first bill since your account would not have been opened for that amount of time.


Hope this helps 😀





Hello @DerEcho777,


Welcome to the community!


The setup fee is usually charged on the first invoice and then applied as a credit on the second or third invoice you should see the credit on your third invoice for the $120 credit I don't see any info online for that, you would need to contact customer service and they can give you the details for that credit.


As for the refer a friend credit, you would need to complete the process and once it is verified which can take up to 30days you will see the credit on your 2nd or 3rd invoice after it has been verified. You can get more information on the refer a friend credit here.