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I cant believe it, I should have known

I was offered 15 GB free added on to my plan for loyalty, no strings attached, no cost no contract no plan change all I have to do is apply.  I have been with fido 25 years and again got fooled because they don't give a **bleep** about loyalty. Anyway they gave me 15 GB after I wasted my time going online and applying but then 5 days later it disappeared and when I contacted them they told me it was only for mybilling cycle. They sent me the text to apply 5 days before my billing cycle ended.

What a joke

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I feel you. Sad


Someone working for Fido offered me a phone plan + phone for $35. Said they'd make my plan $25 and the phone only $10.


Now I'm being charged $40 a month and I've tried speaking to two representatives who didn't help and was rude to me, offered me no solutions.

They said they'll mail me the return slip so I could ship the phone back to them but I have seen none. Stuck with the extra cost.


It's not about the extra $5, it's about the integrity of the Fido sellers and them giving loyal customers a hard time. Sad I've been with Fido for over a decade and their customer experience has gone worse Sad

Hey @Lune!


We really do apologise for any inconveniences and we want you to know it's not at all our intention, we want to be transparent at all times and for our customers to be satisfied with their services and offers.


We got back to your other post. Check it out and if you still need some help let us know. 

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Thanks FidoNick.


I just want this problem to be resolved... I can't afford to pay the extra $15 right now because of the economy and I'm willing to return the phone but I don't want Fido to charge me for the phone even when I return it..


Is there any guarantee? I just want this ordeal to be over 😫

Of course, we understand you want to get it resolved ASAP!


Depending via what channel the phone was purchased you have either 15 or 30 days to return it. 


Can you please contact us so we can set up the return? 


If for any reason you are unable to do so, or if you prefer that we PM you here on the Community, please let us know and we'll send you a private message. 



Hey there @unhappywithfido!


We're sorry that you missed the offer. We would suggest you to access your account at least once a month to check if anything new popped up. You can also try and change your plan to see what exclusive plans you have as available. That way, you'll make sure to not miss on anything!


With that said, you can reach us out through our servicing channels if you want us to review your situation. We'll be happy to assist you with that!

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I didn't miss the offer.. the sales representative told me the offer and I had to cancel on the same day because it costs more than what he sold me.


Then it led to this whole problem where they won't give me a return slip and they're charging me $15 a month instead of $10.

We're going to check things out @Lune Smiley


We got back to your other post with some more info.