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Text from +4745 instead of +4735, but extra data has not been added.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I've been a Fido customer in British Columbia for ~20 years now and have multiple plans with them. In the past, I have received loyalty offers from Fido (+4735) for a free 10GB and another for a free 5 GB of data, which has put me at 20GB of data from my original 5GB plan.


6 days ago I received this text message from +4745 (not +4735) saying that I would get an additional 5 GB per month, which would put me at 30gb of data. However, no changes were made to the account, even after my billing cycle changed to this and 5 extra GB does not put me at 30GB, it puts me at 25GB.




I've talked to virtual chat two times and they are completely unhelpful - all they do confirm is my existing plan and any offers I have (which I need to pay for). I don't care too much about not getting the extra data, but I want to get to the bottom of this though.


So is this a scam text? If it is I don't know how they would have gotten my name. I also don't know what the scammers would would get from sending me this text message, other than causing a bit of chaos. Is the text number +4745 coming from a specialized department? Why does no Fido specialist know about the text or anything related to it?




Hello @JasonChiang,


Thank you for your many years with us & the details you've provided!


Has your previous 5GB bonus expired, or is about to?


The message seems to be legitimate given that the shared link of our page is valid. We will still need to double-check though as it does indeed not make 30GB!


 We would need to take a closer look at your account to have a better understanding. You can message on Facebook or twitter. Smiley