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Terrible customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Just wanted to cancel one of the unsed lines today but ended up cancelling all services with Fido because of the unprofessional specialists. Is it a way to reach the customer service manager to file a complain? They really try to take every doallr from your pocket by just saying you have the best offer already. THE NEW PROMOTION IS ON YOUR WEBSITE! CHECK THAT BEFORE YOU TALK! And convicing you to end the service the day before the next billing cycle so that you dont get charged for the next billing, does that make sense if you want the service to end as soon as possible!! What's wrong with those "specialists". PROPERLY TRAIN THEM BEFORE THEY WORK!



Hey @000only ,


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I'm sorry to learn about your latest experience with customer care. This is definitely not what we aim to offer as far as support goes !


We surely do note your complaints in this regards. If ever you have any unresolved concerns, we do suggest to reach out for additional help!