Plans for smart watches

Plans for smart watches

Plans for smart watches

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Plans for smart watches

Hi Fido,

Do you have a plan for stand alone Smartwatches already? Bell has it already!

I am using Fido and want to buy a smartwatch. 

Please let me know when Smartwatch plan might be awailable. 

Thank you in davance.  

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Re: Smartwatch. Shared plan.

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Hey @Shawn2!


You can definitely connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but not the LTE network as it's not something we'll be carrying. We are constantly reviewing our device line-up, however, at this time we will not carry any Apple Watch on Fido. We always want our customers to have the best offers possible and we offer many great services here at Fido. We always try to offer you the best value with competitive plans, tons of extra services like Fido Roam, Fido Xtra and 5 extra hours of data!

That said, the original question from @Smartwatch on this thread was regarding Smart watches for kids, and that is something that can be used on our network (as long as the watch takes a physical SIM card). To do so, one can get any data-only plan or a talk, text, and data plan and use it with the smart watch. The type of plan needed does depend on the watch as some make calls and will require a talk and text plan.


I hope this helps!




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A  Fido client for many years (decades) - am not satisfied with LTE (non coverage by Fido ) for smartwatches! I will transfer my business to another company soon if Fido does not make this service available.

Hey @bmmurray!


I've moved your post here as it deals with a similar topic Smiley


Our LTE network does work with Smartwatches as long as they take a physical SIM card. The type of plan you need to take does depend on the watch features though (for example, if you need calls or not)


You can check out our plans here and if you have questions let the Community know.



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Hi there! 


While we don't offer plans for smart watches, you can still purchase one (non-cellular or LTE compatible) and use it with your Fido phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi


For now I can only say that we're always revising and updating our services, keep an eye on our website for any upcoming changes! 

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A shared plan does not enable me to get e.g. text messages directly to a smartwatch (i.e. without the phone as an intermediary)?


Hello Rogernp,


  Welcome to the community!


  Firstly, a smartwatch plan and shared plans are slightly different. A smartwatch plan would be linked to your main plan to allow your watch to perform its functions with the same phone number as your main plan. You could use your watch without the phone as an intermediary. On the other hand, shared plans would allow two main plans to use the same allotment of services (ie data). Unfortunately, Fido does not offer either smartwatch plans nor shared plans.


  You are able to get a SIM and plan for a smartwatch with Fido. However, it would be a separate plan and independent from your main phone plan.


Hope this helps 😀




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Can you explain how EXACTLY we get a smartwatch that we buy from Apple, then hook it up to our existing Fido account?  I'm happy to do this, as I don't want to switch carriers, but I will have to switch to Telus or Bell in order to use a smartwatch which seems, frankly, not very smart.  I have scoured the website, and don't understand 1) where do we get this sim card?  Is it from Fido? 2) how does this work over the cellular network if you don't have a plan for smartwatches? 

Hello Bb31,


  Welcome to the community!


  Unfortunately, I don't believe it's possible to use the Apple Watch in the same manner as other smartwatches stated above. As far as I am aware, Apple has not provided the functionality for the Apple Watch to operate as a standalone device (see here).


  With the above forementioned smartwatches (non-Apple Watch), customers are able to purchase a SIM and plan for the device, like they would for a second phone line. The watches and the main phone would not be connected and operate independently with two phone numbers, two plans -- two data, voice, messaging allotments.


  Again, Apple does not appear to allow that type of functionality for their Apple Watches. As FidoNick mentioned in the solution above, you can connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but not the cellular networks.


Hope this helps 😀





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OK, so WHICH smart watches do you support?  This is not clear from the thread.  The Apple Watch 3 series has a cellular version.  If this takes a SIM card, wouldn't it work? 

Hello again,


  There isn't a list of supported smartwatches as the plans are not officially intended for smartwatch usage. However, some people have successfully been able to purchase the SIMs and utilise their smartwatches as independent devices. That said, the devices would have to be non-Apple watches. As mentioned in my earlier post, Apple does not appear to allow the Apple Watch to operate as a standalone device.


Hope this helps 😀




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I have a Galaxy watch with an esim. I want a stand alone plan for it. I have 2 lines with Fido now.

Can you activate it?

Hi @Cds2


To review your plan options, you'll have to reach out to customer service.


It's important to note that only select devices are compatible with eSIM. And that we do not support eSIM on non-certified devices.

If you are attempting to activate an eSIM on a non-certified device we can’t guarantee: 

· Comprehensive technical support 

· That all your features will work as intended 

· That we would have specific plans for your device, and leveraging current plans may result in unexpected billing or functionality issues. For example, no voice feature.


With that said, you can reach out to customer service here to review your options! Smiley 

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Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately it doesn't answer my question.

I can figure out the plan options, and accept responsibility for things that don't work correctly.

Do you have the capability of activating my Samsung Galaxy watch that contains an esim?

Thank you in advance

Hello Cds2,


  Welcome to the community!


  I don't think anyone can answer your question as it probably hasn't been tried on a Galaxy watch. If you are willing to try and accept responsibility if things don't work properly, you can try to activate the eSIM. It would have to be done at a Fido Corporate store. Perhaps these threads, here and here, might help as well.


Hope this helps 😀




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Thank you, I will try at corporate location and report back here.



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any word on the e-sim activation for the LTE Galaxy watch ?


Hey @willharden68


At this time we don't support eSIM on non-certified devices, since the LTE Galaxy watch is not a device we support, we can't guarantee that all features will work as intended, we can't offer tech support nor offer specific plans for your device. This could result in unexpected billing or functionality issues. 


Hope this answers your question.

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Hi, 2020 calling. It appears there is still no eSIM plan available for Apple watches. I know there's been a pandemic and all, but I'm beginning to think you don't ever plan to support eSIM devices. For me it's a nice to have, and I have a separate data SIM for an older non-phone device from you, but given how many (relatively low-cost) eSIM phones, watches, tablets, etc are now on the market, maybe it's time to reconsider your support?

Hey @norealityagent Very_Happy


At the moment, all retail stores who sell Fido products do have eSIMs (except Best Buy) for recent iPhone devices. You can find more info here!

Fido also supports Dual SIM technology for those compatible phones. 


We're always looking to improve though, so we definitely appreciate your feedback. Smiley

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OK, thanks. Good to know. So you can support eSIM as a technology, but don't support non-phone eSIM devices from a market/business perspective. Helpful, thanks for letting me know I needn't be patient any longer and should shop around for a new provider.

Hey @norealityagent, we're sorry that you feel this way!


Our sister company Rogers, does offer support for the Apple Watch. However, we have wonderful perks such as FidoRoam, FidoXtra and DataBytes!


We hope that besides this small detail, you decide to stay with you. We appreciate your loyalty and are here to answer any other questions you might have.