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Is Apple Watch support coming to Fido?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi all, 

I have seen numerous questions from people asking if Fido will get Apple Watch support. The questions always have a canned response saying no flanker brand (Koodo, Vigrin Plus, Fido) has Apple watch support and that you need to go to the parent companies (TELUS, Bell, Rogers). However, that excuse does not fly anymore. Virgin Plus offers Apple Watch plans (since April 2022). I have been with Fido for 20 years and I think it might be time to switch to Virgin Plus. I get that the lack of competetion makes the big three carriers greedy, but at least Bell is doing something less greedy in the contect of offering smart watch service to flanker brand customers. Instead, Rogers is continuing to purposely (and they are doing this purposely) force people who want cellular on a smart watch to switch over to a Rogers plan which is at a minimum 85 dollars a month, plus 10 dollars for a smart watch plan, for a total of 95 dollars without tax and device financing added. I really love Fido as there customer service had been good on my side, but meh.... it is 2022.... why put up with this pruposely induced lack of options?



Hello @elmkkoj,


Unfortunately, the answer will remain the same, and if/when Fido does support smartwatches it will be announced on that's the only way we will know.


You do have the option to go to the parent company to get a plan that supports smartwatches the only reason you are putting up with the Fido brand is that the plans are cheaper, while Virgin now supports smartwatches it does come with some caveats you need an eligible phone plan to get it although I could not find what are their eligible plan I would guess it's a plan with a higher monthly fee.