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Phone out of stock, need to return or not? Issues with customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there, I recently purchased an add-a-line plan along with an iphone 11 pro (with discounted payment plan), but then decided to switch it for the iphone 12 pro max less than a week later after it went on sale. I did the switch over the phone, and the customer service rep said everything was ok. However, it seems that the price I am now going to get charged, and the price I should be getting charged is not matching up. I should be getting a discount ($35/month for the add-a-line plan instead of $45/month because of a $10/month credit for 17 months), and for the phone payment plan as well (original iphone 11 pro price per month was $39.99, and the iphone 12 pro max is $33.34/month with a $784 down payment). Now I am told that the iphone 12 pro max is out of stock online, and they apparently refunded me the down payment, and telling me to return the iphone 11 pro asap and buy the iphone 12 pro max from in store instead. Is there any help that you guys can give to me please? . Thank you.


Hi there @AAA50 , I see your frustration and I  would suggest you reach out to a customer service representative on social media with Twitter or Facebook and ask for private message to work with a customer service representative. Or you can reach out on yourdevice at *611. Hope you get your issue resolved. Stay safe, OL