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Can't reach a live agent

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Why is there no option for a live agent @ 1-888-481-3436? I am being overcharged double for my phone, and spent hours going through this with a live agent last Februrary. They corrected the problem for a couple of months, and then doubled my fee again. Even though I have a contract saying I should be charged $13.34 until December 2022, they've gone a doubled that amount again for no reason.


Good morning @rrtoronto , so sorry to hear that you're having difficulty reaching a customer service representative. You can use other methods like calling *611 from your device or reach out on social media with Twitter or Facebook. I hope one of these options work out for you. If they don't you can always come back and request more assistance. I wish you well, OL