Office Of The President Escalation

Office Of The President Escalation

Office Of The President Escalation

I'm a Participant Level 1

Office Of The President Escalation

I have spent over 32 hours with you trying to be get one line and phone straightened out. Yesterday I called in and spent over an hour and a half only to be hung up on during the transfer to a supervisor. No one even bothered to call me back. Your associates refused to escalate me to the office of the president multiple times stating that it doesn't exist, even though that is the direct information on the share a concern page( and one of them even told me what hours to call between, and your level 1 support refuses to acknowledge it's existence. You really need to train your associates better and the almost 2 hour wait time for a 2 person queue for a supervisor is beyond ridiculous, especially to not have anyone call back when it got disconnected.


It has been 2 billing cycles and you still have not shipped me the phone I am paying for on my bill. We're at almost a full work week worth of my time wasted and I want compensation. I feel I have been more than patient(15 escalations, 4 supervisor calls, probably 50 chat sessions) and this is your last opportunity before a CRTC complaint. 

I'm a Contributor Level 2

At least if they tell you how long ... if it's going to take 3 or 6 or 10 hours waiting time then be it... so I can just leave it on and go do something else while the phone is on hold.

I'm a Participant Level 1

Worst customer service ever - shame on Fido - 15 years loyal customer - 2 agents kept me on the phone for 50 mins and counting to void the 15 dolars long distance that got dialed by mistake. I could be reached at *************** or 647-***-****.




Hey @microcl! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


I'm saddened to read about your experience. That's certainly not the impression we want you to come away with. I'll send you a PM from the community shortly to check that out with you.


Chat with you soon!