Beware of the Fido Roam

Beware of the Fido Roam

Beware of the Fido Roam

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Beware of the Fido Roam

If you have a Fido Pulse plan, Fido will have enabled (whether you wanted it or not) the Fido Roam plan. You might think you can just ignore it if you have no interest in using their roaming services but that is not the case. There are in fact a few sneaky little gotchas that may cost you upwards of $180 in extra charges on your next bill if you aren't fully informed. Read on.


It used to be that when you arrive in a destination country, you'd recieve a text message informing you that you were roaming and that pay-per-use roaming charges would apply. You would then even be given some roaming package you could choose to opt-in to. Cool!

Not the case anymore. Now with Fido Roam enabled, what happens it that once you arrive in your destination country, you'll recieve a text message that looks something like this:41945306_10155496318011734_1795333541324652544_n.jpg



















It would be very easy to think that by just not turning on your data (and data roaming) you'd be ok BUT that is not the case at all. There in lies the grand trap that cost me a small chunk of change! 


You will automatically enable Fido Roam services for a 24 hour period at whatever cost was specified in the initial text if you simply send a text message OR recieve an MMS message (a text with a picture) OR recieve a call and reject it (rather than letting it ring and go to voicemail). You won't have any idea that you activated it either until you get your bill at the end of your billing cycle. Further more, you can't even disable it from your customer account portal, you need to either get onto live chat or call a customer service representative to have them disable it!


I have a dual-SIM phone and in my case, it used to be that upon leaving, I'd disable Fido's data and enable my host countries data plan and I'd be free and clear. If I recieved a text or call on my Fido line, I could simply respond to it and pay the one time usage fee... turns out this year, that wasn't the case and rather than paying $10.50 for sending about 14 text messages I was dinged $84! Now that's one hell of a markup in price! 


I highly recommend you disable Fido Roam ASAP before travelling and instead, get a SIM chip for the country you are visiting. You will almost ALWAYS get a far superior deal to any roaming package Fido offers you! 


Going forward, here is what FIdo should do:

1) When the roaming plan has been activated for a 24 hour period, you should recieve a text message indicating it has been activated and should also give you the exact time it will be deactivated (as it lasts for a 24 hour period).


2) There should be a quick and easy way to opt out by text message.


3) It should NOT be automatically enabled on any plan, instead users should be able to opt-in to it like before.


4) It should be easily enabled/disabled via the customer service portal as opposed to having to actually have a customer service rep do it for you.


I don't forsee any of these happening though because there is money to be made as data overage and roaming charges bring HUGE dollars to telecom providers. 


Hope this helps someone from falling into this trap because if you think Fido will reimburse you, you are sorely mistaken. You will be told that their roaming policies are "clearly laid out" on some part of their site for anyone to read... sadly this is all after the fact that you've fallen into the trap!


Now cue the customer service reps and community mods to chime in with their copy-pasted responses indicating how sorry they are that I feel this way and that it's not for everyone and so on....

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Hey @Fredyo!


Thanks for your feedback! That's certainly a lot of points to cover and I promise not to copy/paste anything. Smiley


I just have a few points to clarify there:


1. We extended Fido Roam to everyone so all our customers can take advantage of it while traveling. In general, there's more value in using Fido Roam then pay-per-use. Hence why we went with the opt-out model rather than the opt-in one.


2. Although we extended this to everyone, you do have the options to opt-out anytime to use our pay-per-use rates. Those rates and Fido Roam information can be found here.


3. Usage that triggers Fido Roam includes making or receiving a phone call, retrieving voicemails, sending a text (receiving is free), sending/receiving a picture message or using data. Rejecting a call will not trigger Fido Roam.


That all being said, I completely understand if Fido Roam doesn't meet your particular needs. We will certainly take all your other suggestions in consideration.


If you would like to discuss you billing, I would be quite happy to send you a PM to discuss it further with you. Smiley


Let me know.

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Hi ,


I have just been stung by Fido with this shady business. As per my contract it states that I am terms to acceptable use policy as per the Fido terms website which states about the default opt-in. Legally speaking its clear anad available to the user. Although from a buiness stand point its shady and bad practice. I haven't experienced this with other companies so I can't speak to the industry norm. What I know is a customer may not use the data roaming more than once or twice a year and to expect the cunsumer to remember terms from their website is geared towards swindling a customer who doesn't do the due dilligence.


In addition, the great text alert that you receive upon entry to the new zone. It doesn't state if you receive a call and answer it that you will be charged for a daily rate. The alert system is a joke and is clearly smoke and mirrors so that you don't make the decision of opting out. In-fact it doesn't mention that you are automatically opted in  the text. In my past experience with european networks is you get a text and you can respond with a command to get usage for the day. You would also get a confirmation text stating your charged for the day. Now a days roaming charges are extinct in all of EU countries. This all seems a bit advanced for this network.


In addition to this the amount of Spam Numbers that are coming in of late, I was charged for 2 days of roaming as I answered a Spam number by mistake. What are Fido doing to stop the amount of Spam numbers from US numbers some of which you get 3 per day.


Customer service seems to be on the back burner with this companies policies. I have wasted 30 hours of my life calling Fido for various reasons over the past year with all that time I have had one customer representative that left me as a satisfied customer. My most recent experience today was being hung up on whilst on hold for a supervisor. The second time I called the customer service rep hung up on me. The third time the customer rep was helpful and put me on a call back for a manager. Do I expect a call back? Absolutley not. At this stage if my issues aren't rectified I will be looking for another mobile network, even if I end up paying more I will be happy to see the back of Fido.


My recommendations for Fido have a deep look at your customer policies and how you make your decisions, the customer doesn't seem to be in your peripherals when putting togther your terms and conditions. Secondly streamline your phone call helpline, it is terrible. Create a web-mail portal. The live chat is next to useleess and the phone help-line needs some attiention to staff training for some of the reps (not all).

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I am a relatively new Fido client - there is no support or help I can get to erroneous roaming charges.  I turned off cellular data like others on this chat and still got charged. ASK Jack is useless and I seem to be getting the run around. Starting to get the sense that Fido is not a customer friendly carrier.

Hey @MEInc


If you have questions about our bill or need clarifications, you can contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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I have now called 3 times over the past 2 years to have Fido Roam turned off on my phone. Each time I have been promised by the agents that it had been turned off and each time I have received the fixed roaming charges when travelling afterward. I just spent 2 hours on the phone this time to supposedly get the charges reversed.


The agent said I could look at the service details for my phone account on the web to confirm that Fido Roam was turned off. I asked him to find that for me and after he looked for awhile he came back and told me that you cannot see it on-line. That the only option was to call an agent each time before I travelled to confirm that it was off. .....That is ridiculous!!!


This has cost me a lot of money over the past couple of years. I will now be looking for another phone provider.

Hey @storminne


Thank you for connecting with us through the Community and sharing your feedback!


Rest assured this isn't the experience we aim to provide our customers with and we're sorry that you had to go through this. We want your experience to be seamless. That said, if you had contacted us to opt-out of Fido Roam and it wasn't done, please reach out to us and we'll make sure to rectify the situation on our end. We can also send you a PM from here.


It's good to know that we normally send our customers email confirmation when the opt-in or opt-out of a feature too. Had you checked your emails?


As for Fido Roam, you can always confirm your enrollment status by texting the word ROAM to 222 from your device.

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I asked but the agent said he could not send a confirmation email. No confirmation email was sent.


I do not want to try texting ROAM because I'm afraid it may turn on the feature. If I am still a customer I will call before I travel the next time to confirm Fido Roam is OFF.


Fido should have the default set to OFF and that a person needs to call in to activate it. If all you do while traveling is phone or text (not use data), the per minute rates are always less than triggering the flat rate charge.

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I just talk to Manager, and she let me know that Fido is charging me $12 for 84 bytes of usage.

My Mobile phone was disabled and still got charged, I highly recommend all customer to run away from Fido.

Manager was rude and unprofessional.


Hey @RoamingRiOff,


We understand that having a higher than expected bill is never a pleasant situation and we're sorry that your experience when you called in wasn't a positive one. Rest assured that's not the type of experience we want our customers to go through.


In regards to Fido Roam, you can check out the solution above to learn more about the types of usage that will trigger a daily fee. Also, it's important to note that the Data Roaming feature on your device must be turned OFF before roaming to avoid any charges for the internet. If Data Roaming is ON and your device connects to a foreign partner's network, your device will use data automatically in the background which will trigger the daily fee.Therefore we recommend turning the feature off before travelling and before arriving at the destination.


You will only be charged if usage is actually made from the device, it's not possible for us to charge you if there was no usage detected through the SIM card. 


You can also learn more here.

Hey @RoamingRiOff,


I assure you our intent is to offer you a reliable service whether you're in Canada or abroad.


When you connect to another network, they send us the charges and we mitigate the charge with our Fido roam option.


Rest assured, we operate within the legal bounds of Canadian law and we inform you of any charge that will apply to your account while travelling. 


You can get more details here.

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you informed us after the charges are applied, you should ask first, then charge. Why is that so hard to understand?

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You did not inform me, I just got the bill.

you still need to fix the WIFI authentication bug in your system, you can't charge $12 for 85kb of data, that is ridiculous.!

It is illegal because you can't charge $12 for wifi authentication!!.


sooner or later Canadian law will hunt you down and shut you down.


Hello RoamingRiOff,


  Welcome to the community!


  Logging into a network's Wifi which requires authentication does not use cellular data. However, while your device may be connected to Wifi in order to login, your device won't be connected to the internet until it is fully authenticated. It will only be connected to the local Wifi network for login.


  If your data and roaming data were enabled, any data required by your phone's systems or apps before you finished logging-in would have used cellular data because your device was not connected to the internet.


  For the future, if you do not intend on using your cellular services, you might consider enabling Airplane or Flight mode for the duration of your trip. You could then manually enable Wifi when required. You should note that if your phone is capable of Wifi-calling, certain usage would be considered roaming as well.


Hope this helps 😀




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you don't understand the main point, Fido hides the ways to avoid these charges.

Fido plays dirty with its customers.

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I just got nailed by this sneaky charge as well. Charged about $39 to send around 5 text messages over the span of 3 days in Europe.


If Fido really cared about customers’ interpretation of Fido Roam charges as being predatory, they would change it to a price cap. In other words, you would pay the per-usage-rates, but only up to a maximum of $13 / day ($8 in the US).

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Fido hunts down its customers to charge them Roaming fees.

Fido charges you when you connect to a wifi that requires login authentication!!


Fido will have to reimburse all customers because what they are doing is illegal.


Please, stop copy/pasting your ridicule answers!

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how can i opt out!! why cant i simply text UNTRAVEL to 222?

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I just got dinged $12 because I got a spam call while at the airport in Germany and I canceled it and it got forwarded to voicemail!! I should not be charged for that!! I have my data roaming turned off. After reading this forum, I have been leaving my phone on airplane mode because I was paranoid. The original poster was right - Fido Roam is a total scam!! Beware. I am in the process of trying to port my number over to a different provider anyway. But I should get $12 credited to my account. 

Hello Jvajna,


  Welcome to the community!


@Jvajna wrote:..I got a spam call while at the airport in Germany and I canceled it and it got forwarded to voicemail!! ...

  Is that all you did with your phone? Rejecting calls were no longer supposed to trigger roaming charges (see here). Perhaps @FidoSolutions could verify that information, please?


  If you do not intend on using any of your services, your best option is to keep your phone with Airplane or Flight mode enabled. You can then manually enable Wifi when required.


  When comparing other providers, you should note that many of them have a similar roaming service.


Hope this helps 😀







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Okay, well I'm currently chatting on Facebook Messenger with one of your colleagues and she just said this..


"When you end a call manually and it gets forwarded to voicemail on a foreign network, it is considered roaming as the phone is being used on their network. That's what triggered the charge."


I literally got this message a couple minutes ago.

Hey @Jvajna


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at this together.


Talk to you soon!