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Horrible New Phone/Chat Support system

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I am truly frustrated by the new AskJack/phone support system that Fido has implemented (as of this week it appears). 

I have had a ticket open with Fido support regarding a roaming issue (neither here nor there for this purpose of this complaint). In previous interactions around this case, they asked me to call back after my bill, and they gave me a case number. Not a problem, or so I thought.

This new arcane system seems to be designed to prevent any interaction with a human at all cost. So, when calling 611 and navigating the menu to get to a customer support agent, the system leads to a dead end where they send you a text message to AskJack and hang up on you. When you go to AskJack, beyond the automated queries, when you ask for a representative, it puts you on a queue to speak to a representative via chat. The representative on chat is unable to schedule a callback (and the chat has a significant latency) - so they recommend going through the system again, but this time, through AskJack, asking for a call back rather than a representative. Turns out, you can only do this via the link provided by SMS once you've called in, and not by starting an AskJack session via the website directly. 

This level of work to get to someone when you have an existing support ticket is atrocious. I can say with certainty that if this continues to be the system to get support, you will be losing two subscribers at least.


I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hi @mubdi 

I'm with you, too many options can confuse users. I think fido will improve AskJack over the time :).

Have a nice day Smiley