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Fido Roam connects to fast

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

What a rip off !!!! Automatically connects without giving you time to go in Airplane mode . If you can check that no data was used on that day that was not wifi , least you can do is payback the money . It is your system that is the issue . I didn't ask for the fido to make it Fido Roam when I travel . Calling Customer Service to listen and explain will take 2 hours . I have to find a different provider . Over the years I have had so many issues.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2
  • When you are crossing the land border , both my children did it before the border crossing and still got charged 

Hey @Rsadiq,


I can surely understand your concern. When it comes to roaming, it is important to understand the phone will connect itself to the closest towers available. When crossing the boarder, if it connects to the US tower right away, any usage would count as roaming. Sadly on our end, nothing can be done to slow down that process, as it can differ from user to user.


That said, given Data is the hardest to control once roaming, there is a feature on most smartphones that blocks all data usage once the phone is connected to a roaming network. 


Below are links included on how to disable data roaming on certain smartphones:


Do keep in mind, this will only block data automatically once the phone is connected to roaming network.

Calls and text (both incoming and outgoing) will still work, but those are much easier to manage compared to data. By then you can also enable airplane mode to ensure no usage is done from the phone.


We'd truly hate to see you go over this situation. Should you have any concerns about roaming charges, please reach out to our customer care team for support.   


Hello @Rsadiq,


Once you connect to a network outside of Canada, FidoROAM is triggered so it's important to enable Airplane mode to avoid any charges if you don't plan on using cellular service when you're away.


We definitely wouldn't want to see you go because of this.