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Fido Roam mis-connect

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

My phone connected to Fido Roam whilst I was still in Canada (close to the US boarder.) I got an email and text saying I would be charged $7 but I didn't use the phone at all in the US, no texts, calls, data used etc and immediately tuned it onto aeroplane mode after I got the Fido Roam notification text. I don't believe I should be charged for that connection day? How do I dispute this?


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Senior MVP

Hello ErinS,


  Welcome to the community!


  As FidoAllan has mentioned, merely receiving that welcome message does not necessarily mean you have incurred the Fido Roam charge. It's provided to inform you that your phone has connected to a foreign network and the rates for use on that network. It's usage of your services which will incur the Fido Roam charge. Note that disabling roaming data does not prevent roaming for voice or messaging services.


  Since you were still in Canada, you might consider providing the location information to Fido. There is supposed to be a system in place to prevent US roaming when close to the border. It's possible the cellular tower to which your phone connected has not yet been identified as a potential issue to Fido.


Hope this helps 😀





Hey @ErinS! Welcome to the Community. 


It's possible that your phone connected to a US tower and you received a welcoming message to let you know about the roaming rates. Unless you really did use your device while not in Canada, you shouldn't be charged for any roaming.

If something doesn't seem right when you receive your bill, feel free to contact us here so a customer representative can have a look into it. Smiley