Cellular data not working! Roaming not working!

Cellular data not working! Roaming not working!

Cellular data not working! Roaming not working!

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Cellular data not working! Roaming not working!

My cellular data and roaming not working most of the time. I'm missing on important calls and emails, can not use navigation... Why am I paying for the plan with data if I have no data?!!! Your tech support sucks - instead of help got a sales pitch to purchase new phone. Seriously?!!

Nothing wrong with my phone. And as I noticed lots of your customers having the same issue. 

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Hi Thomas,

Cellular data issue comes and goes. When I notice that data is down usually reset network, save APN and restart phone does the trick. Some times not. Roaming I was not able to get to work ever. I'm in Canada and frequently traveling to US, Washington and Oregon states. My phone is LG G3. It was working like a charm before I change plan.

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I am having the same issue. The last several times I've traveled to Dallas Texas from Canada I've had no data despite troubleshooting with Fido representatives. I cycle phone and reset network settings over and over and all it does is makes it very difficult to keep re- learning the wifi networks. I always travel in on Sunday and when I call Fido they are usually closed. After explaining last week that they did not fix the issue there was no follow up whatsoever. I'm on a plane headed back. The company I work for has me doing Uber for transportation so I have to walk to radomr pizza shops etc and buy things to use the wifi to travel. Fido is really lazy and greedy. I can't wait for my contract to run out next month

Hey @tt13,


That's definitely not the experience we want you to have and we sure wouldn't want to see you go! We all rely extensively on our phones and we understand how important it is to be able to use your data while travelling!


I have a few questions to better understand the situation:


1. Are all your other services besides data working while roaming?

2. What phone model are you using?

3. Are you using a Non Fido phone? If yes, and your phone is LTE capable, have you made sure that you have right APN settings? They sould be ltemobile.apn and you can find how to check them here.


Let me know and we'll take it from there.



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1. Texting often works.

2. Google Pixel

3. No


I'm not sure what is left to do as I've informed Fido of the issue last two trips state side and no changes.

Hi @Msvenne


What's the error message when you try accessing your internet browser? Can you make sure your Data Roaming is ON; you can check that in the Settings. 




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I am having the same issue near Orlando Florida and Washington DC.  Android device samsung galaxy s7.  I can see bars and att.  But can't connect to GPS app or get any Internet while out of wifi zone.  Seems like I have to connect manually to attend network as others have mentioned

Hello tt13,


  Had you tried to manually select the provider when you were in Dallas?


@Cawtau wrote:...  As previously mentioned, you might have to manually switch networks while in the US. Fido/Rogers coverage outside of Canada relies on the local infrastructure at the destination. The coverage of some providers might not be as extensive as others. In addition, it's possible a location might not get any coverage. You can get an idea of cellular coverage at your destination here..

  Fido/Rogers customers generally roam with AT&T or T-Mobile. There have been situations where one provider will work for voice and/or messages, but not necessarily for data. It all depends on your location(s) relative to the cellular towers as well as the bands/frequencies available at those cellular towers.


**edit** If the issue is related to the local infrastructure, there might not be much Fido/Rogers can do to improve the situation. In addition, it's possible the issue might still exist with a different Canadian provider.**


Hope this helps Smiley



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Not possible. Set to automatic. When I turn of auto it just searches indefinitely. I've explained.

Hello again,


  I apologise, but it wasn't mentioned in your earlier posts...


  To which provider was your phone connected? On what network (ie 2G, '3G', or LTE)? Is it possible there were no other suitable networks available at your location?



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I'm a new Fido customer jumping in to confirm that I have had these problems with data roaming in the US too. In Chicago, San Francisco and Buffalo--all major US centers where all major US carriers have dense cellular coverage--my Fido phone defaulted to ATT and gave me voice and text, but no data, In Buffalo I tried switching to Sprint and T-Mobile--still no data access. Tried network reset--did not help. Tried resetting phone to factory defaults--no help. Tried setting up APN for Fido LTE mobile--still no data.


My phone is a Google Pixel XL, purchased from Best Buy in Canada. Google tech support confirms that there is only one model of Google Pixel XL sold in North America, and that if a phone works in Canada, it should work in the US too.


I have already worked my way up Fido's tech support chain to the Office of the President and had had two conversations with my advisor there, Félicien, in an attempt to resolve this issue proactively before my trip to Buffalo. He was supposed to get back to me last Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the day before that trip, but he never did. I've left several messages since, and he has not returned my call yet.


I did a quick, informal survey of a number of Canadian friends attending the same event in Buffalo. One friend, a Telus customer with an Android phone, was data roaming on T-Mobile in Buffalo with no problems. Two other friends were Rogers customers with iPhones--one of them was data roaming without problems, while the other had no data.


I'm suspecting that Fido and Rogers have some dirty secret regarding US data roaming in general and US data roaming on LTE networks in particular--that there really are some unresolved technical or business issues between them and their US roaming partners, and that unless and until those problems are solved, they plan to just keep blaming the handset vendors and the US networks instead of cleaning up their own act.

Hello @Al_Daigen and welcome to the Community.

I can definitely understand that going to the US and not having access to your data couldn't be the best experience.

I can assure you that roaming works in the US for Fido and we don't have any known issue right now concerning this.

I would like to take a look at what was discussed so far on your account concerning this. 

I'm sending you a PM now, talk to you soon.

Moderator (inactive)

That definitely doesn't sound right!


The fact that you need to reset the Network Settings each time might indicate an issue with the device. That being said, we have a few things to check before to make sure that it is not an network/ SIM card issue. You mentioned that it was working before you changed your plan, we'll check this out too!


I'll send you a PM and we will continue over there Smiley

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Hi Thomas,


I'm resetting networks because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO. In the same time I'm re-entering and saving APN. And as I mentioned before - sometines it helps with mobile data, sometimes it don't. Roaming NEVER worked. Nothing is wrong with my phone. Why I'm so sure? Because it works just fine with another providers.


Also it has been a week since you said that will send PM. I did not get it.  


So frustrating



Hello Ranata,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear that you're still having these issues. Just to clarify, though, was your previous plan also with Fido or from a different provider? If it was a different provider, was it Rogers? If it wasn't Fido or Rogers, it's possible the cellular towers from the other provider are better suited for your location. You can get an idea of your surrounding cellular towers here.


  If you are located in an area better covered by the other providers, your phone should be able to connect to their networks using extended coverage (Fido-EXT). However, you should note that its usage is meant to be on a temporary basis only. If you do not spend most of your usage on the Fido/Rogers networks, the service may be blocked.


  Also, you initially noted you're missing important calls as well. That might suggest a general reception issue as they are not transmitted via a data connection.


  I understand you have a LG G3 phone. Was it purchased from Fido? If purchased from elsewhere, have you verified it has sufficient compatible bands/frequencies? You can verify those bands/frequencies here.


  In addition, what network mode setting is your phone currently using? Is it GSM/UMTS(WCDMA)/LTE? Have you tried to disable LTE (ie setting GSM/UMTS(WCDMA)) to see if that helps?


  Have you verified whether there are any roaming blocks on your account?


**edit** Also to verify, since the phone is LTE-capable, it should be using ltemobile.apn. You can verify those settings here.


  As well, are you able to test your SIM in a different phone or test another SIM in your phone?**


Hope this helps Smiley



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Hi Cawtau,

Thanks for your reply.

I'm f

With Fido over 5 years, over 2 years with the same LG phone and cell data worked just fine. Can not comment on roaming as I used to get Roam Mobile for my trips to US. The phone is unlocked, and from the moment I got it it was on Fido. I switched from my original grandfathered plan to new one  In July. And then all fun started. 


I'm missing calls over Skype and Wathapp, not "real" ones.


I did figured out myself about LTE APN and changed in settings. It seems to help with cell data. I have no idea if that helped with roaming. The question is - why tech support would not pointed that direction from the beginning?!!! I have no idea if there is roaming hold on my account. Tech support did not mentioned it and when I text ROAM it returns answer: you are ready to roam.


I wish I would get your help a month ago. But thanks a lot for your help 

One more thing I would like to mentioned - not all cell phone users are tech savvy. And in my humble opinion Fido tech support sucks.

Hello again,


  Thank you for the additional information!


  I'm glad to hear the LTE APN seems to help with cell data. Are you still having to reset the network settings on your phone, though? Have you considered testing your SIM in a different phone or testing a different SIM in your phone? Repeatedly changing SIMs could possibly damage the SIMs. If your SIM is damaged, replacing it might help.


  I understand you have been using Roam Mobility recently for your trips to the US. If you wish to use Fido Roam, you might consider testing your Fido SIM on your next trip. You could bring your Roam Mobility SIM for reassurance. If I remember correctly, you do not have to purchase usage in advance. If Fido Roam does not work, your could purchase Roam Mobility via Wifi at your destination.


  As previously mentioned, you might have to manually switch networks while in the US. Fido/Rogers coverage outside of Canada relies on the local infrastructure at the destination. The coverage of some providers might not be as extensive as others. In addition, it's possible a location might not get any coverage. You can get an idea of cellular coverage at your destination here.


  The moderators should be able to provide information regarding any possible roaming blocks via PM as that would require access to your account details.


Hope this helps Smiley





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Hi Cawtau,


I did not needed to reset networks  even once since changing APN to LTE. Cell data working just fine.


I did use different SIM card on my phone just to make sure that it wasn't my phone's fault, but it never crossed my mind that Fido SIM card could be damaged. I will definately check it.


I can not thank you enough for all your help!


On my next trip to US I will follow your wise advice and see how it will go with roaming. I will keep you posted. 


Once again thank you for your support and help!


One would think that any Fido moderator should be able to check if there is a roaming hold on my account... So far 5 hours of waiting, sending authorization form, waiting... and nothing. So pathetic!

Hey @ranata, we can send you the PM Smiley

Just one final question though. Have you tried connecting to a different American network to see if that changes anything?

As you're not on our network, the problem may lie with the American network. I suggest testing a different one.

Let us know and we'll go from there!

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Hi Nick,


I'm purchasing daily plan from Roam Mobile every time I'm going to US, because I can not rely on Fido roam. Roam Mobile working just fine, but it involving sim change (phone number change), and I would gladly pay extra 2 dollars for Fido roam, but it never works. 


Thanks for clarifying @ranata,


Have you had the chance to go over what @Cawtau mentioned above? Let us know if it helps.


In the meantime, we're sending a PM your way so we can take a closer look at this together.


Talk to you soon Smiley