Brightstar is a total SCAM.

Brightstar is a total SCAM.

Brightstar is a total SCAM.

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Brightstar is a total SCAM.

I have been in a complete mess because of Brightstar. 
I lost my iPhone XS 2 weeks ago and since then, i have not taken a rest while because of brightstar. 
first they sent me a replacement phone and it's touch was irresponsive. It was working sometimes, sometimes it didnt. I called Fido Brightstar right away within 24 hours and told them the issue to which the representative replied, "I don't work at the warehouse". I tried explaining her and asked if they could send e a new replacement device but she was rude and asked me to start a service request. After 2-3 days, they filed my service request and gave me a nearby service centre's request. 
I went there and they were closed because of COVID. Then came the weekend. I went there after the weekend and tyoob checking the phone, they said that the motherboard is faulty and canceled my request from there. 
I contacted brightstar and they asked me to submit so many documents this time that it made almost impossible to get replacement. 
they asked me for address proof and ID and since I changed my address a month ago, because of COVID, I am unable to change my address on driver license and car insurance papers since service Ontario's are closed in my town. 
I asked brightstar that I ha be lease papers and everything but they said it won't work. They asked me to submit utilitiy bills as a proof but All my utilities are included in the rent as well. Im so fed up with FIDO as well as BRIGHTSTAR.

Now they say, even if I submit documents, they will escalate it after 48 hours and the results to escalation will proceed 48 hours after that. And the replacement is still not guaranteed because I don't have my utilities to pay or new address on my DL and insurance. But the fact that is so hard for them to understand is that they sent me first replacement without seeing any documents. 

I have been paying 13$/ month for past 2.5 years and all I get is trouble. I also paid around 450$ to get the replacement device.  All I'm left is with a useless iPhone XS. 

FIDO is unwilling to help as well. 



Hello @Hunarmalik,


Sad to hear you're having an unpleasant experience replacing your device. 


We'd be happy to take another look with you. Feel free to contact us using these methods, or if you wish, we can send you a PM here. 


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@FidoAnthonyZ @FidoClaudia 

I have been sitting here for more than 2 weeks with a garbage phone. I haven't heard either from FIDO or brightstar. FIDO this is unacceptable. Why don't you value your loyal clients for god's sake? 

All i heard from fido on wednesday was "we'll let you know as soon as we have an update". Is this how it is gonna be?

Hey @Hunarmalik! Philippe here.


I've provided an update via your PM. Smiley

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I just talked to a Supervisor at Brightstar before writing a message today at FIDO community. They are saying a complete different story to me. According to the supervisor i just talked to, my replacement device is still sitting somewhere in brightstar's warehouse and that they have escalated a request to locate the device and ship it to UPS. And that's the exactly same information that they gave me a week back!

Why is there so much discrepancy?

Please answer 


@FidoPhilippe @FidoClaudia @FidoAnthonyZ 

Hello @Hunarmalik


We would be happy to go over this with you. I'm sending you a PM to go over this. Talk to you soon. 



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@FidoAnthonyZ, I already tried talking to FIDO reps but they have no answers. I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with a useless device. 


Thanks for getting back to us,@Hunarmalik.


I'll send you a PM here on the Community to take a closer look.


Keep an eye on your inbox, talk soon!



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I replied. Thanks.