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Billed for scam calls

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am very disappointed. Customer Service Rep suddenly hung up on me and the issue was not resolved. I have had several false charges on my fill in the last several months that Fido gaslit me about, insisting I made the calls when I know for an absolute fact that I did not. Nor did anyone else, no one knows my password. I had to end my long distance because I kept getting charges, Fido refusing to listen to me that I DID NOT make the calls. I don't call anyone in the US EVER. Now, on my most recent bill I received a charge for $4.99 and the number associated with it was #2030. At first the customer service agent (Rajeet) told me I called Directory Assistance. Nope, I don't remember the last time I might've called Directory Assistance because it was BEFORE the internet. So he investigated and while he was doing that I found a post that said this about #2030 on cell bills - "According to her this is a known scam experience and Rogers is fully aware of it. She told me that the Canadian Government Anti-Fraud Centre is also aware of this scam." I shared this with Rajeet. He told me Fido would waive the charge. I asked how I would be protected from future false charges. He said to be careful which numbers I press on the keypad. So, I did not just accidentally hit #2030 on my keypad. I asked if there were future charges like this, if they would also be waived. He said it was a one time waive. So, if ROGERS AND THE CANADIAN GOVERNEMTN ANTI-FRAUD CENTRE are aware this is a scam, how will Fido not protect me from another charge and not also waive it???? CLEARLY I am not safe with FIDO and they do not care about me being scammed as a customer. I will most certainly be moving on from Fido after many years as a customer. This is absolutely unacceptable to me, to not protect your customers. I'm out. Done. 


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello LiMaZee,


  Sorry to hear you are still having issues with calls you do not recognise. As mentioned in my previous post to your similar situation (see here), had you verified your device has not been infected by any viruses? You might not be aware of any of those calls, however, your phone appears to have made those calls using your SIM card.


  With regards to the Directory Assistance charge, I'm not sure that is a SCAM. That number is legitimate for receiving directory assistance (see here). I understand you might not have accidentally dialled #2030 on your device. However, that is not how using that service works. Had you attempted to dial a toll-free number? Generally, when an inactive toll-free number is dialled, directory assistance will often provide the new, updated number with the option to connect the call. If the call is connected, the charge for that service will incur on your phone bill (shows as charge from #2030). In order to prevent the charges, you would need to manually dial the new toll-free number.


  It should be mentioned that the service is not limited to Fido or Rogers. Having directory assistance connect those calls will incur #2030 charges with any provider.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Just saw the same thing on my bill today. $4.99 for #2030. I have no idea why this charge is here. This is absurd. 

Hello Soulhacker,


  As mentioned above, I believe that charge to be for directory assistance, specifically for toll-free numbers. A link posted in another thread lists that #2030 charge as for Information (see here). Had you made any calls to toll-free numbers?


  I believe your bill might show a toll-free number (1-800, 1-888, etc) followed by the #2030 charge and another toll-free number. The first number would not be in service anymore. The second number would be the new number as connected by directory assistance. The #2030 charge is for the service of connecting the new number. Had you made any calls to toll-free numbers?


Hope this helps 😀