$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

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$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???


I've signup for Fido internet on Sept 6 during a promo with $150 amazon gift. Initially the gift card was supossed to arrive in 30 days, upon follow up, I was told I should receive a link within 6 wks from registration. 6 wks passed...no card/link.

Called customer care on Oct 17, escalation ticket was created and was told in less than a week a link will be sent. Week passed on Oct 24...no card/link.

Chatted with support (via chat)  on Oct 24, agent advised that link will be sent by Oct 26 (Monday)...surprise, surprise still no card/link.

Today I spent 45 min on call, chatted with agent, agent advised me that I have to wait another 3wks....well done Fido!!!


Fido get your act together, I will cancel my account on Dec 8 if card/link is not im my mailbox in 4wks.

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Re: $150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

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Hey everyone! We understand a lot of you are experiencing some delays with your gift cards and we want to provide some clarifications as well as an update as we know you're all excited to get your gift cards!


Our home internet promos with the gift cards have proven to be quite popular and we'd like to thank you all for joining! That said, the reality is that we are experiencing some delays and we know it's been frustrating for a lot of you. We're working hard on this together with our vendor to get all gift cards and registrations e-mails to all of you asap! Smiley


Right now, there are 2 possible scenarios so please check out the below to see where you fall in order to take the appropriate steps.


Scenario 1: Did not receive registration e-mail


The registration e-mail for the gift card takes about 6 weeks from the activation date to be received. If it's been 6 weeks and you haven't received it please don't worry as we're going to look into it with you! Please contact us if this is the case and we'll check it out. 


Scenario 2: Registered via registration e-mail and didn't receive the card yet


For this scenario, if you received the registration e-mail and not the actual card there are some things to keep in mind, such as :


- If a physical card was selected, delays can be longer than a digital one (within 4 weeks)

- If you chose a digital card, please check your junk mail to make sure it's not there (within 2 weeks)


If you still did not receive the card then please reach out to our vendor, Merkle, directly for an update. The e-mail address is : customercare@helloworldfulfillment.com and in your e-mail be sure to include: 


•       In the subject line: GWP + the gift with purchase offered/selected
•       Name:
•       Email:
•       Account Number:
•       Purchase and activation dates:
•       A brief summary of the issue:


Merkle should get back to you within 3 business days.


Important: It's important to note that if you were eligible for one of the below offers:

- $150 Amazon or Walmart gift cards

- $100 Amazon or Walmart gift cards with the $65 package

and you did register that there are additional delays with those specific offers. We expect to get all gift cards out in the next 2 weeks; there is no need to e-mail Merkle.


I do hope that helps everyone out. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions! 

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I am experiencing the same problem. I have signed up with Fido on September 29th and it's been almost 7 weeks and I have yet recieved an email. I want to contact customer service but all chats (social media and on Fido) is a virtual assistance. I wish to talk to an actual person please. Can somebody follow up with this with me? Thank you.

Hey @1031


Just a heads up that you can say Chat with a Rep at any time on social media and live chat and our virtual assistant will put you through to a live agent right away. 


With that said, I'll send you a PM so we can look at your account. Talk soon. 

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So, I randomly got an email yesterday from fido@e.helloworldmail.com advising me of my $100 Amazon Gift Card for sigining up with Fido.. Looked fishy at first (due to the domain), but after searching many online threads this is the real deal.

I clicked the link, got the code, logged into Amazon, entered and BAM, $100 Very_Happy


I'm honestly surprised GMail didn't mark this as spam or I would have NEVER seen it. I actually completely forgot about the gift card promotion entirely, so I'm glad I saw this. Helps with Christmas gifts!


Check your spam/junk folder first, or whitelist fido@e.helloworldmail.com


Hope this helped.

Glad to learn you received it, @Sportchek07! Enjoy! 

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Lucky you Sportchek07:) After 12wks and 2 escalation tickets I still didn't receive my link.

Hey @Damian


That's not right! I'm sending you a PM to look into it, keep an eye on your inbox. 



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Hello, I signed up in early Sep for the internet promotion and was promised a $150 gift card, I have not received any e-mail information to sign up for the gift card. I have been checking my spam folder and nothing is there either. Can you advise who to contact for the gift card... thanks

Hey @SAY4! We've moved your post here as it deals with the same topic Smiley

Check out the solution above to see what scenario you fall under and what steps to take! 

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how do I contact Fido? I spent 2 times 45 Minutes each time and still couldn't speak to a rep. They just ignore calls. Honestly, I am so disappointed with Fido. No card, no registration email, no rep to speak. Great deal!

Hey @PavelKazhdan


You can find all the options to contact us here.

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Don't bother.  you'll get more upset with the copy and paste response they provide... it's been escalated, please be patient.  we're doing everything we can... blah, blah, blah...  keep closing the subject as solved when clearly it isn't and no-one has received the non-existent gift cards...

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Sighed up for the gift card and haven't recieveeck my gift card

Hey @vladb !


Have you received the email to register for the gift card, or not at all?

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Yes I have, Thank you!

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Good luck like the rest of us.  You won't and it'll take months to get resolution since they work at a snails pace to get these out... They'll ask you to pm them so they can escalate which amounts to nothing.  You still won't get any results...

Awesome! We're happy to read that @vladb

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Why marked it as solved when it is clearly not solved?  Escalations amount to nothing and result in nothing.excepy for having to wait, wait and wait forever... Why can't you take responsibility for the never ending delays for gift cards that no one seems to have received... 


Going on 11 weeks and absolutely nothing has been received, despite having it escalated...  Normally an escalation is to speed up a process.   In your case, seems to just be lip service in the hopes of shutting us up... If this is what you call escalation, geez you need to step up your game...

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First up, the Fido advertisement for the gift card reads "30 days after installation you will receive gift card" which is WRONG! It should clearly say "6 weeks" which is what agents keep telling me. It has now been close to 11 weeks(!!) and I have NOT received anything! Everytime I chat with customer service, a conveniet 3~4 week margin is added to my wait time saying "we are assuring you this is escalated" with no results. I have been a fido customer since 2015, but this is my first home internet plan and the false advertisment is very very diasppointing. I am wasting time over these chats and only being given the roundabout. Is there anyone in the community who has actually received said card?

And before any Fido rep replies with standard questions - yes my email adress is provided, yes I have checked my spam folder!I wanted the card in time to help with some financials planned and as a student it is hard to be a victim of such false/delayed advertising 😠😢🙄. I am half thinking to cancel the plan and go with something else that doesn't include false advertisement!

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Update to this post and to everyone else who is facing issues. I used the Fido Facebook chat option to reach out to the customer support team and they resolved my issue in a week's time. I now have my gift card and the team, especially a rep called Claudia, worked to resolve my concerns. My faith has been restored in the prompt Fido customer service that I was used to. So to other people still waiting, it is annoying to wait, I get it, but I am sure your issues would also get resolved 🙂

Hey @ssachdeva5 and @Anupama! We're thrilled to you received your gift cards. Smiley


Thanks for sharing and enjoy!