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drop connection

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I'm a Participant Level 3

drop connection



I have been experiencing very frequent connection issue. I need to use vpn for my work, but it keeps dropping every few minutes.


The high ping also makes it impossible for me to play online games. Skype calls are also not possible due to the latency.

1604/18/2020 21:56:1484020200warningLost MDD Timeout;CM-MAC=90:50:ca:1d:f7:b0;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:9a:92:a1;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
1704/18/2020 21:58:3490000000warningMIMO Event MIMO: Stored MIMO=-1 post cfg file MIMO=-1;CM-MAC=90:50:ca:1d:f7:b0;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:9a:92:a1;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
1804/18/2020 22:04:2184020200warningLost MDD Timeout;CM-MAC=90:50:ca:1d:f7:b0;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:9a:92:a1;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
1904/18/2020 22:17:0990000000warningMIMO Event MIMO: Stored MIMO=-1 post cfg file MIMO=-1;CM-MAC=90:50:ca:1d:f7:b0;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:9a:92:a1;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
2004/18/2020 22:53:0984020200warningLost MDD Timeout;CM-MAC=90:50:ca:1d:f7:b0;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:9a:92:a1;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
I'm a Participant Level 3

OFDM Downstream Overview
ReceiverFFT typeSubcarr 0 Frequency(MHz)PLC lockedNCP lockedMDC1 lockedPLC power(dBmv)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandwidth
130596000ATDMA - 64QAM38.75076400000
236996000ATDMA - 64QAM38.75086400000
322100000ATDMA - 64QAM42.25053200000
425300000ATDMA - 64QAM42.50063200000
Channel IndexStatelin Digital AttDigital AttBW (sc's*fft)Report PowerReport Power1_6FFT Size

Hey @sylam! Philippe here. Welcome to the comunity. Smiley


I'll be happy to help you with your internet! Have you tried the following:


1. Restarting the modem.


2. Contacting our technical support line here.


Let us know.

I'm a Participant Level 3

Yes i have done both.


Fido even sent a technician, and he found some signal issue for our building. He claimed he fixed the issue, but I see no impromvemnt. The technician also suggested we should get a new modem.


When I called customer service, they said they can only send me a new one by disconnecting the old modem. This means I will have no internet until the new modem arrives (up to 7 business days). This is absolutely absurd because everyone is working from home these days.


If most of the posts in this community is complaining about the same thing, then Fido should take the issue seriously.

Hey @sylam


I'm sorry to read that you're having trouble with the modem and the service, it's not an ideal situation especially right now. 


As much as I'd love to be able to give you a different answer, that would be the only way to perform a modem swap right now. The good news is that if you're in a main urban area, you would receive the modem within 24-48 hours. 


We appreciate your feedback as we're always looking to improve and we will make sure to forward it to the right people. 


I would suggest calling back our Technical Support to revise the situation once more and possibly proceed with a swap. 





I'm a Participant Level 3

Thanks. Changing to Bell's modem defnitiely helps.

We'd be sad to see you go @sylam


Were you able to speak with technical support?