Connection problems?

Connection problems?

Connection problems?

I'm a Participant Level 3

Connection problems?

I'm with fido 75 internet. 

And so i just recived my router and i had set it up to connect to my phone and my computer

I set up the internet fine on my phone but once it came to my computer things got rocky.

usually when i get new internet i would check its speed to see if im getting what im promised, but it turns out i can't even connect to the site, odd? i went to fido site, oh same thing i went to facebook it seemed to load a bit but not the full site. so i connect to other sites like youtube and google, they worked? but why doesn't other site not work. my last internet provider had not used the coax cable so i thought it would be that when i tried to hook up the my telephone line(On the previous provider had told me my coax line was cut or damage but my telephone line wasnt and that i could use that) i couldn't it turns out theres no connection for the line, So i hooked up my old router to see if my computer might be the problem, nope it just seems either the router is the problem or my coax is (I tried to see if the router need time to boot up but no its still didnt work) 

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Re: Connection problems?

Solved by I'm a Participant Level 3 danteb123

No, turns out it was that connection to the modem. So i got it swabbed for another and it works okay now

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Hi @danteb123


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


Sorry to learn you're having some trouble with your services. 


If the issue is with the cable or the modem, it would affect all websites so that's definitely odd. Have you tried to reset the modem since the issue started? Can you also let me know which lights you have on the modem right now? 


It's good to know that in the event that a modem is deemed defective a replacement can be set-up with our Fido Home Internet technical support team. They can be reached 24/7 by through live chat by checking out Contact Page here


Keep me posted! 

I'm a Participant Level 3

i havent but i will and i see the power the download the upload the computer would flicker the 2.5mps and 5mps


Perfect @danteb123


Keep us posted Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3

i restarted it as of last night and tried it, it still seems to long on certain pages but not others

Hey @danteb123


After you rebooted your modem you were able to load all the sites that you accessed?


If not, have you reached out to our technical support team


You may want to consider joining our Firmware Trial. Check it out here.  



I'm a Participant Level 3

No, turns out it was that connection to the modem. So i got it swabbed for another and it works okay now

Good news @danteb123 !

Thanks for the update Smiley