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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently have a horrible experience with Fido home internet. They put wrong address for the device and when I called back they cancelled that order and placed a new one with the right address. So what now?? I got 2 modems which clearly indicated that the first order was not cancelled. I called customer service they said that I had to send back the wrong modem. They expected me to go out and send back the modem which they sent by mistake like seriously?? On top of that the right modem didn't work as well so they are now sending me a 3rd modem. I am without internet and waiting for the 3rd one. I have been suffering because of their stupid mistake. And they dont have any courtesy to compensate for what they did. I am very annoyed. 


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @Hira55,


Your experience really doesn't represent the kind of experience we want for our customers, I'm really sad you had those troubles with your Home Internet service!


I understand how unpleasant this must be and I assure you that our goal is to simplify things as much as we can for you going forward! The best thing to do is to contact us and request that the first account be cancelled. We will then send you a prepaid return package by courier in the next 24 - 48 hours for you to be able to return the modem. I know that going outside is not ideal right now and the good news is that you can contact UPS to come and pick up the modem at your house and return it to us. It's important that you keep the tracking number of the return waybill; this way you can follow up on the progress of the returned equipment.


As for the exchange modem, you should receive it within 24-48 hours if you're in a main urban area so hopefully your service will be back up in no time. You can send back the faulty modem upon the delivery of the new one. 


If for any reason you're not able to return the modems right away, I just wanted to give you a heads up that the return window is 60 days for now exceptionally, to help our customers and allow them additional time before being charged for unreturned equipment during this difficult time. 


Hope this helps!