Keyword Filter not working to add multiple entries

Keyword Filter not working to add multiple entries

Keyword Filter not working to add multiple entries

I'm a Participant Level 2

Keyword Filter not working to add multiple entries

Hi All, 


When i try to use the router feature of keyword filter it looks like it's not working. I am able to add a keyword and it works, but when I am trying to add the 2nd entry I am getting the message: "keyword can not be null" - and of course it's not null.

Any ideas how to fix it? 

I asked FIDO about the latest firmware update and they are saying that is the latest version.



I'm a Participant Level 2



were you able to selve this issue, I have the exact thing with Rogers account


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All are modems now have the latest firmware, so you're set on that note.


Are you trying to add some restrictions through this filter?

That said, if you need help with internet, we suggest that you reach out to our internet technical support directly. 

I'm a Participant Level 2

Icalled the technical team for the same issue, but they said its not somehting we help with 

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Have you tried looking into the modem user's guide? You might be able to find what you're looking for there. 



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Hi All. 


I have the same exact issue. I was able to add one keyword filter. When I hit "Add" to add a 2nd keyword to filter, it tells me "keyword can not be null".


I called Fido Tech Support and they asked me to checked for the modem's manual. I found the user manual for the Hitron CGN3AMF and it offers no troubleshooting/clues to this problem.


Tech Support asked me to try and call Hitron first as it's their product. Would appreciate it hearing from anyone who finds a solution to this issue. Tks

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Thank you for sharing this. You should definitely be able to use the keywords, and reaching out to Hitron would be a good idea, in this case.

@Community : Do we have other members here experiencing the same thing with their modem?