Total data on my plan doesn't appear on app

Total data on my plan doesn't appear on app

Total data on my plan doesn't appear on app

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Total data on my plan doesn't appear on app

Why has my data usage changed suddenly - it has been reduced from 4GB to 2GB even though in the Fido App it still shows 4GB Plan but under usage it says 2GB.


PLAN DATA 3GB Fido Pulse + 1GB Bonus 4GB TOTAL Monthly Data 


is what it says but it says 2GB on the Usage tab on the Fido App. 




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i still have this issue. there was no promotion and by renewal is not until December. 

Hey @nixi


If you have more questions related to this, you can reply to the PM and we'll be happy to help. 

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No promotion that I am aware of, why would there me a temp data boost for 7 months. No the data was changed when I upgraded to the new iPhone last December and was suddenly reduced in half in Aug/Sep

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Hey @nixi!


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Fido Community!


I have a few questions for you!


Did you have any promotional data offer that might have recently ended?


Did you change your plan?


Did you put an end to a data top-up?


Let us know!

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Hi @FidoDaniela !


No promotion offer that recently ended


Plan was not changed


Never put an end to top up.


Still shows in my Fido App 3GB + 1GB Bonus Fido PULSE Plan but then shows only 2GB of Data on the app. 


Hey @nixi!


Thanks for the info. Do you see the same information on or is it accurate there? Also, have you tried deleting the app and installing it again?

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It is different on fido,ca only shows 2GB  

Data that comes with your plan

1 GBfromFido Pulse 1GB - MediumplanIncluded
+1 GBbonus$0.00


Thanks for clarifying @nixi!


If you look on your bill, does it show 2GB or 4GB?

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Shows 3GB Pulso 1GB Medium Plan + 1GB Bonus on Bill.


App shows current data usage out of 2GB

Hello @nixi


Have you tried logging out and back in to your profile? You can do this on the website and on the app.


If you continue to have this issue, you can always contact us over these methods.




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yes no different and no change after reinstalling app or testing on ipad app shows 2gb quickly declining but 4gb under data details. 

Thanks for confirming @nixi!


Is it possible your data bonus was a promo that ended? If a promotion is coming to an end you'll be able to see this on your last few invoices.


We'll also be more than happy to check out your account to see what could be causing this and work towards a resolution. To get this looked into asap please get in touch with a customer care specialist via one one of methods found here


If you prefer, a PM can also be sent to you here on the Community. Just let us know and we can do that Smiley 

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PM would be fine but I already tried chat and they were not helpful

Hey @nixi! Philippe here. I'll send you one shortly then!


Chat with you soon. Smiley