Pixel 5 - no tracking number after +15 days and confusing support

Pixel 5 - no tracking number after +15 days and confusing support

Pixel 5 - no tracking number after +15 days and confusing support

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Pixel 5 - no tracking number after +15 days and confusing support


As many here I'm experiencing the same situation: A Pixel 5 order on black Friday that keeps being pushed due to back order issues. 

In 15 days I've received an email saying it will be sent in 5 business days, then an email status order was processed (with no info whatsover), then another saying 2/3 weeks. Then another one on the 10th saying 3/4 weeks before it is sent (not even receive), which leaves me on receiving it around. Janv 15th. (if things doesn't change again).
As a reminder, on black Friday the information given to customers was 2/3 weeks to receive it. (so around today or this week). 

I understand backorder issues, though I blame poor planning here on FIDO's side that customers are currently paying. 

The Support that I received from the chat agent was odd too: I was complaining that, as an existing customer, I did not have the choice to pick up my phone in store with my online order, in opposition to  a new customer, which disavantaged me as an old customer compare to a new one. (who could have place it online and pick up the device in store). I was asked why I did order online and not in store and what did the store agent told me. That's the first time I see a support agent questionning my choice of choosing an option that you offer. (for the record, I choose online because FIDO had online offers). 
The agent also told me that, if I found a store who has the phone I could cancel my order and get the device there. Which I can't as it was an online offer, I would loose my Black Friday deal. She did corrected herself after a few times on this but how good is a support that offers contrary informations over a problem that A LOT of customers are experiencing. 

I'm not different from other customers complaning about their similar situations but, as them, I'd like to have a tracking number and a clear response to a clear problem and not pre written messages that express empathy but offer no solution. Which is not what support should do with existing customer and obvious mistake on their side (here, a poor promotional planification). 

Hope this gets an answer with a real solution. It's not against the agents that'll respond to it but an overall expression of frustration over several things.  


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I havent recieved any emails at all about my pixel 5. Customer service told me on two different occasions that i would recieve an email. Nothing. I was also told that once i recieved the email i would have the option to choose a different phone instead of waiting.....well? Still waiting 

Hey @Tcb420 Smiley


Sorry to know that you're still waiting for your new phone!

I understand you're looking forward to an update about your order.


If you've yet to receive an email with a tracking number, don't hesitate to contact us so we can look into your order status and give you a better idea of the estimated delay.


Alternatively, we can also send you a PM through the Community, should that work best for you!

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I actually have not received any emails regarding the delay.

Ordered on Nov 22, had to call Fido to find out about the delay. No updates from there on either.

Hey @hyet


That's odd. Can you confirm if you had a chance to double-check your spam and junk folders to be sure they were not accidentally redirected there? 


We're working hard on getting everyone their orders as quickly as possible. Though there were some additional delays with this device at the time, the most recent emails sent out last week have the most up to date delivery delays for this model. 

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Hi @FidoPierre , 


I have been checking closely and I just checked again, nothing in inbox or spam regarding the delay.

Hey @hyet and cw1984! Philippe here.


Rest assured that your orders will be processed the moment we receive the phones. We're still waiting for the manufacturer to replenish our stocks and I thank you very much for all your patience.


An email will be sent the moment the order is done and once we ship it out.

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Hi @FidoPhilippe , and the moderators @FidoAnthonyZ @FidoClaudia @FidoPierre that have responded to my comments before, 


I appreciate that you all took the time to respond to my comment. 


However, I want to let you know that I have seen many similar generic comments responded to my comments and other users' comments by different moderator in the community, these comments are senseless and unhelpful, and waste of time for both parties. Contradicting to the original purpose of the community to connect customers and help each other, the posts I have seen in the community show how Fido does not care about their customers even when customers reach out to communicate. For example, I have expressed several times in the community that I have not received any updates regarding the delay, aside from responding with generic comments, not a single moderator cared how come I never recieved any updates and considered how many customers like me are out there waiting without any updates. 


I don't think I will receive my phone before Christmas or even in 2020, I will be looking into leaving Fido when boxing day deals are up.




That's definitely not the impression we want you to have of us! I'll send you a PM so we can look into this with you together.


Talk soon!

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I'm also in the same position. Every email I have gotten has a different timeframe in it, and no-one appears to have any idea of what is going on. I've used the Social Media support, and called the phone support. Everyone gives a different answer, and the last one I had was that the device was now only avaiable in stores, yet no stores have any stock. The same response is being given on every thread, with no concrete answer or actual resolution to the situation. As a customer moving to Fido this has been a pretty poor experience so far.

Hey @cw1984


We're sorry to see you're experiencing delays with your order. If you've already confirmed this phone, you should be getting it shipped out to you. However, the delays indicated in the most recent email would be the most up to date information we have on file at this time. 

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Should or Will? There's a big difference in the meaning of those words?


Hey @hadrien1


I can understand how this would be a less than ideal situation. It does not sound at all like the kind of experience we want for our customers. To be able to confirm the status of an order we would need to access the account. 


You can reach out to us through any of the options found on our Contact Page for this.

We can also send you a PM from here if you would prefer, let us know! 



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Hey @FidoPierre , 

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated. 

You can send me a PM here if you'd like. To be clear: You would need something like my account number or phone number to confirm the status of the order, correct ?


Correct! I'll send you a PM now so we can take a closer look into this with you.