Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

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Not receiving all text messages!

I had an iphone 6 and upgraded to an LG G5 recently with a new sim card. I have noticed from several different contacts that i am not receiving all of my text messages. I am super frustrated and I have tried turning off the VoLTE and it has not helped. Someone please help!!



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Re: Not receiving all text messages!

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Hi everyone!


LG began to roll out an update to the default messaging in October to fix this issue.


Some of you have mentioned that you're still experiencing issues following the update; can you all confirm that any third party SMS applications are removed, and ensure that your stock messaging app is updated to version


Thanks. Smiley

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How do I check this?

Why was this not mentioned the 5 times I have previously spoken to customer service over the past year?

Hey @efblanch


The stock messaging App in this case is the one that came with the phone. Is this what you are using? 


If so, can you navigate to the Settings > Apps or (Apps & Notifications) > Select the ``Messages`` App. You should be able to see the version in the App's info at the bottom. 

Can you give this a try and let us know what you see? 

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Yes , thanks,both stock messanging app and updated (as number shown above.)

Still doesnt work.

Hey @efblanch


Have you noticed the same difficulty using a third party App? 



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I have been using the stock app ,with my friends knowing now that if I didnt answer then I didnt get it. Certainly doesnt work all the time. Others will use Whats app or Messenger with no problem ( I think). I do not know what the other 3rd party apps are.


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Please scroll back to any previous post - there are 222 of them...this issues goes back for at least 2 years!

Stop using the stock / default messaging app.

Install ANY third-party messaging app. Many users seem to have success with Textra.

Install it, make it your default messaging app. You cannot delete the stock app. Just hide it or ignore it.

Problem solved...


Thanks for clearing that up @efblanch.


Have you tried the solution offered by @JohnF1444?


Let the community know if it helped!

Hey efblanch!


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I've moved your post to this thread since it is related to the same subject. 


You can find more info about the fix for this in the solution above. 


Could you confirm that you are using the stock messaging app and the version number?

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I have to back John here on everything he says about what has transpired with the problem with his wife's phone. LG and Fido had me jumping through hoops, I can't tell you how much time I wasted on this issue for six months before I saw John's solution and downloaded Textra. I was lied to constantly by LG and misled by Fido. I returned a brand new phone to LG twice  and ended up with a reconditioned phone because no one would take ownership for what was going on. The worst experience! Fido needs to understand how used we feel as customers. I would like to see Fido reach out privately to all customers who have had this problem. Why did they bother issuing ticket numbers to people thru your call centre last year and say they would be contacting us when the problem was rectified? I've never heard from Fido customer service  on this and they assured me they would. Your calls are recorded......have a listen to my call history and you may understand why we are feeling the way we are in this forum. I feel I was treated very poorly.

Hi @Skyegirl, we hear you loud and clear and we thank you for letting us in on your experience. We appreciate any opportunity that allows us to improve our services, so I will be sure your feedback gets to the right people. 

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I am so upset....I have been having the same issue as everyone else my LG 5G.  Only receiving some messages.  To hear that all these customers have the same issue and Fido knows about.  I feel like I have been conned into getting a **bleep** phone that I will now be stuck with for almost 2 more years!!  And yes I have tried everything suggested in this thread. 

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Did you try installing a third-party app instead of the default messaging one that came with the phone?

I've had success with one named Textra off the App Store. I think others have as well.




Hey @McKimmy!


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I can definitely understand that not receiving your messages can be frustrating!  I'll send you a PM soon so that we can figure out what's going on! Smiley

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Ive read the previous topics on the same issue, but they are from last year. I have an LG G5 that I despise, and for the past few months I assumed I was receiving all texts messages but apparently I'm not. I may get 1 or 2 out if multiple. My phone just updated 2 days ago, everythings up to date, no I'm not moving to lower service areas, I turn my phone off to give it a rest. This is really annoying as I text alot of the time for work and miss out on shifts.

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Hello Amber


Do yourself a favour and REPLACE YOUR STOCK MESSGING APP. Install ANY other messaging app from the the Play Store. Many, including myself have had success with Textra. It is free and works ALL THE TIME.


I've had quite the animated discussions with Fido'everyone' and its the same old story. Save yourself greif, pain, stress, trouble and the frustration...replace the app. You can thank me later.


@fido: Waht is the definition of 'insanity'? Do the same thing and expect different results! This is sad. And please do NOT PM me in any way. Thanks.

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I would just like to let the user know that even if my wife is using TEXTRA, some text messages are still not being received.


I am not using textra and I just learned that I dont received about 10 % of my text.


IMO, stay away from LG G5


Edit : We did all the factory reset, network reset, try another sim card, Messenging app is up to the latest version.

Hey AmberR!


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I have moved your post to this thread since it's about the same thing.


I know your phone is up-to-date, but, have you checked your messaging app? As per LG, it needs to be updated to version

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Yes it's already at

Hey @AmberR,


Thanks for getting back to us!


I'll send you a PM shortly to further check this out.

Hey @John1444


This is definitely not the experience that we want you to have with your phone.


Let's take a look at your account 


I'm sending you a PM. Talk to you soon.



Hello @FidoKenny


I also sent you a private message...


This is a public issue, in a public community forum. I'll keep our discussions that way.

Your suggestions do not seem to fix any of their issues. I know mine have.


We'll keep it public.