Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

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Not receiving all text messages!

I had an iphone 6 and upgraded to an LG G5 recently with a new sim card. I have noticed from several different contacts that i am not receiving all of my text messages. I am super frustrated and I have tried turning off the VoLTE and it has not helped. Someone please help!!



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Re: Not receiving all text messages!

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Hi everyone!


LG began to roll out an update to the default messaging in October to fix this issue.


Some of you have mentioned that you're still experiencing issues following the update; can you all confirm that any third party SMS applications are removed, and ensure that your stock messaging app is updated to version


Thanks. Smiley

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Hey @Rdickhughes

Welcome to the Community!


You can definitely contact us regarding this so we have a look at this with you Smiley

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Just download the texting app called Textra. Fido will just have you jumping through this, do that. Nothing works. Not worth your time.  Textra works great.

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I have recently bought an LG G5.  The messaging app version is but I am not receiveing all messages.  How can I fix this?

Hey @kscanlon and welcome to the Community.


I'll send you in PM to check this out further Smiley

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I too am getting frusterated with text message issues. I have started a facebook group, we need to organise, if you search #FidoTextHell you can find it or the group ID is 768762409989563. 

Hey @sempron


That's definitely not how we want you to feel. Are you having trouble with texting at the moment? If so, we'd be happy to send you a PM and check it out. Let me know!

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Honestly I am so tired of reexplaining the issue over and over. Constantly being told it's my SIM or my phone or whatever. I've changed my SIM, I changed my phone, I bought a new phone and I sent it in for repairs. This started over a year ago, Look in your system for interaction ID I1006337760 dated Dec 2016, and is still going on. I spent hours on the phone witha guy called Kyle documenting everything, even have screenshots of missing text messages (used my daughter's phone to take a picture of multile transactions between wife and I). Look at the most recent ticket C127434605 for details including TIMESTAMPS of missing messages. I mean how more specific can I get? They told me under that escalated ticket it would be fixed within 72 hours and we'd be contacted back. Not 1 word from FIDO. Not 1. 

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I haven't really looked through the thread to see what has been suggested in the past, but have you tried deregistering your number from iMessaging ?


If the people texting you are using iPhones, since your number is registered in Apples imessaging database, iPhones using iMessage would recognize your outgoing number as being an iPhone, thus it would not send you an SMS, but an iMessage.


The reason certain text messages may go through would be that they would send those texts while not on Data network or Wifi, thus it would be sent as SMS instead of iMessage.


If you deregister your number from iMessage, their phones, when passing the iMessage verification step, would no longer recognize your number in the Apple database, thus it would recognize your phone as Android and send an SMS every time instead of only when their phone is off Data/Wifi.


Hope this helps.

Thanks for clarifying @sempron , I'll send you a PM so we can help!

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I hope it is working. I missed a few pictures that were sent to me last week so am a little hesitant to say it's 100% . Why is it that I need to have data on to receive MMS messages? And why do long texts turn into MMS?

Just to make sure we're on the same page, which application is considered as Samsung default messaging app?

Is it Android Messages (labeled Messages on your phone)?  Are you currently able to receive a text message using the Messages app?

Hey @Skyegirl

Thanks for the update Smiley 


Picture messages require data to go through the network, this is why it needs to be on, please note that it will not use your data though! In terms of the texts, with certain phones when the message is too long it turns it into an MMS , that way it gets sent as one message and not multiple ones.


Hope this helps !

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Galaxy S8, not receving text messages intermittentaly. Quite frustrating. Called fido and they "reset the line" asked if it working now sir? Well how am I supposed to know?

It's ridiculous that i pay 80$ a month for this terrible service. My boss is losing his mind thinking I don't answer his texts. Unacceptable.

Hey @parkex!


In these cases, we do suggest testing it out for a day or so to see if the problem is resolved. If it's not, we'll take it from there!


Can you keep us posted?




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Yeah It's been 1 week and I still don't receive texts. Unacceptable

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Hey @parkex


Just to have an idea, can you try to send a text to yourself and let me know if you receive it right away?



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I've done this and it works. Let me be clear here this is an intermittent problem, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

It is absolutely unacceptable that i spend 1000$ on a phone and 70$ a month for a phone plan and have to wonder if texts are going through or not.

This lack of service has already cost me lost time at work and it is clear that this has been a documented problem at fido for months.

This is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. 0/10 for technical and customer service.
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Hi ParkEx

have you tried using a different messaging app instead of the stock default one?

Although, you have an S8 and This thread started with an LG G5, it may simply be an Android-related OS issue. I replaced the stock app with Textra and TA-DA:smileyvery-happy: all texts in and out world flawlessly! 

Seemed to also help another user on this forum although she had a G5 too. 

Give it a shot. Can't hurt. Better than waiting for Fido and you'll know within 30 seconds if it works. 



An X-ParkEx-er. Wink

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I have had the same problem for weeks... Is there a resolution?

Hey @Idrina!

That's definitely odd, does this happen with everyone who tries to text you and are you also using the LG G5? 


Have you reached out to us before in regards to this?


Let us know and we'll go from there!