No voicemail notification

No voicemail notification

No voicemail notification

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No voicemail notification

I never recieved notification of voicemail on my Samsung s9. I upgraded to s10e and still don't recieve any although my wife gets text message alerts of voicemail on my old s9. Have read posts but can't seem to find an answer. Thanks. Dave

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I don't get any notification when I have a voice mail, so my voice gets full and then the important message can't be left for me from work or family memembers becuase the caller hears that my voice mail box is full. 

Now I have to press on "1" to go to my voice mail and delete all those messages (mostly from telemarketers and not in English language!) .  

I used to get the notification from day one with my older phone and this one that I had it for 2+ years now.


I think a person at Fido did something that caused this.  This issue started after when I called Fido and said I don't have any messages on my mail box but people can't leave a message for me. So she reset something and now I don't get any notification!


This is very disappointing.  I hope someone can help.

I've moved your post to this thread @EFTEE as it does deal with a similar topic Smiley


Can you please let us know what type of phone you have?

Also, are you on mini voicemail (the free one) or do you have the $7 value pack with Premium voicemail to text.

Let us know and we'll go from there! 

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Hi Nick,

I have been with Fido for over 10 years and always had BB phones, the latest is PRIV that I had it for over 2 years now.  Never had any issues like this. Up until 2018 I used to have the value pack but since I didn't want the "message to text" and not needing more than few messages, I was told that I can go with mini (3 messages).  This was few months ago.  I sill received the notification after I moved to mini voicemail for a while.

At somepoint a family member wanted to leave an important message for me and sent a text saying my voice mail was full.  I checked my voicemail and it said no messages! but those calling me heard my box was full. Then I called Fido and someone tried to fix the issue (probably by resetting something). From then on I don't get any notification and my voicemail gets full without me knowing about it.  Those messages that fill up the box could be from telemarkters that I don't answer their calls or from family/work who had important messages for me.  This issue is forcing me to check my voice mail few times a day by dialing 1 to delete unwanted messages.

Thanks for confirming @EFTEE!


With mini voicemail, you should be notified by a text message from the number +18.


We're going to check things out together, keep an eye on your inbox as I'm sending you a message. 

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For the past few months, I haven't been getting those txt msg notifications that I have voice mail either ... I have a LG G6 and haven't changed any call settings so don't know why this is happening. I also don't receive any missed call messages unless I actually open up my phone app and check my log. Can you help me please @FidoNick ?

Hey @Irongoddess! Welcome to the community. Smiley


Sometimes, the notifications are disabled for the Phone app. You need to enable them to view missed call badges.


For that, follow these steps:


1. Go to the Phone app under Settings > Apps > Phone. You will be taken to the app info page.


2. Tap on Notifications. In case the toggle next to Show notification is off, turn it on. Then tap on Missed calls.


3. On the next screen, first, enable the Show notifications toggle. Then make sure Show notification dot is on.


The voicemail text messages notifications are offered with our Voicemail value pack. If you don't receive them, it might be because you have the regular voicemail. We would need to access your account to confirm that. You can contact customer service or we can send you a private message from here. Let us know what you prefer!




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Hi @FidoVanessa ,


There is no toggle to turn on notification for Missed Calls. Nor is there a toggle to turn on text msgs for voicemail. I have gone into all apps that are related to calls, contacts, and phone management, even listing system apps and I have all notifications on.


I called Fido tech support and the guy said he couldn't help me and that I would have to call LG. So I did, and with the CSR there, was able to clear the cache in all apps related to calls, contacts, and phone management. He was not able to help me though with regards to receiving notifications for voicemail via txt msg like I used to. I had not touched any settings for this notification to stop, so haven't a clue what to do next. This is my business phone so it is important that I get my voice mails asap. I believe I have the value voice msg service of max 3 msgs. Please help me ... feel free to contact me directly.


Hello @Irongoddes,


We'll be sending a PM your way to take a look with you. 




Hey @Dbm1,


Welcome to our Community Smiley


That's definitely odd. Before we take a look at your account, can you please confirm that your voicemail is all set up and callers are able to reach it and leave voice messages?


Also, just to make sure, do you have the Voicemail notifications enabled in the device's Settings?


Let us know and we'll take it from there.



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Hi and thanks. I can recieve voicemails fine. I get a message on my phone app that I missed a call. But no notification that I have a voicemail message waiting as my wife does on my old phone. I do have notifications allowed on my phone. Thanks again 

Thanks for the update @Dbm1,


Just to confirm with you, are both you and your wife's lines with Fido, and on the same account?


If that is the case, we can take a closer look at your account to go over the features of each price plan.  We would be able to confirm that everything is in order on our end as well.


You can reach out to us for further assistance at these channels, or we can send you a PM here.

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We have different plans. Both with fido. We both have the same 3  voicemail limit plans. 

Thank you for clarifying Dave.


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at your account.