Bright Star - Phone replacement was broken.

Bright Star - Phone replacement was broken.

Bright Star - Phone replacement was broken.

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Bright Star - Phone replacement was broken.

Bright Star sent me a replacement phone the next day from my service request. Only the replacement they sent had no touch screen capabilities completely down the right side of the phone (mind you the request was also put in with a rush delivery cost because this is also used as a work phone). When contacting customer service I was told that I now have to take the faulty phone that was sent to a repair shop of their choice to see have it looked at and determine if it is repairable or not.


Quite frankly, I've never dealt with a worse company then this one when it comes to dealing with something as simple as a cellphone. I would have had no issue if Bright Star would have taken ownership in a mistake that was made on thier end and managed a quick turn around by re-replacing the phone. That's all. Instead it turns into a bigger problem than it already was and a bunch of time is being wasted on arguing with agents and reps with people who have to deal with a company that has set them up for failure. 


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This type of situation is not ideal to say the least, but I can assure you that they should be able to assist you with fixing your replacement phone. The new device will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty as well as the extended covered they provide.


Most importantly, have you had the chance to visit a nearby repair shop to have this looked into? Was this resolved?


Let us know so we can follow up on this situation with you.

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Hi Saad, 


Not sure if you understand the waste of time it is to take a broken phone that was sent on the end of someone who is suppose to be supplying if not new at least a product that works. 


Let alone they've now thankfully asked to just have the phone sent back to them and replace it with a new one. Except, they failed to mention that until the returned phone is scanned into their system it may take up to 7-10 days. Meaning i'm now left without any form of contact other than a laptop for 7-10 days from a phone that is used for work on DAILY BASIS. 


Let me know how you deal with that one. 

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We do get that it's not an ideal situation @r013 and Brightstar does do their best to get you a phone asap. 


Although it's rare, if for any reason the replacement is defective the first step is to get it repaired as it is under warranty; we are happy to hear that a full replacement was issued though even though there can be a bit of a delay.


Do you by any chance have an older phone you can use? That could be a temporary solution.