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Black Friday scam

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Can someone explain to me how Fido's Black Friday promotion works? 

I chose a Google Pixel 6a during black friday deals for 5$ a month. Was very happy with the amount

Once I order, the email they send me says it's going to be 19$ a month and that they'll send it as soon as possible. That's the first issue. False advertising.

Only they take nearly 4 weeks to send it, and now the new email today says it's going to be 33$ a month.

I have two different emails telling me two different costs.

That's not what I agreed to. Why should I be penalized or stuck with a phone that's going to cost so much more than what was advertised?

Does anyone have experience with this garbage promotion?


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Here's the proof that they had the promo at 5$, that they first were going to charge 19$, and now they are charging 33$. What kind of clown show are they running over here?

Not only that, they're still going to charge me the device balance of my current phone, that has since been paid off because they took so long to send me the order back in November.

Please tell me one of you had this sorted out. I'm not paying 33$ a month for a 5$ phone.
Google Pixel.pngOrder 1.pngOrder 2.png

Hello @nicor,


When there is a promotion on devices at discounted rates the finance/cost of the device never changes instead a credit for the difference is applied to the bill.


The first screenshot looks to be telling you what was removed from the plan and the previously financed device the second screenshot shows the finance part of the new device which will always be for the full amount but you will see a credit on your invoice for the difference.


If you do not see that credit on your invoice and your bill is higher than what you should be paying then you will need to contact customer service directly and they will be able to better assist you.