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Show off your first cellphone!

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey Community! 


Wanna take a trip down memory lane? Post a picture of your first cellphone and share what you liked most about it!  


I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2


My first ever cellphone I got was through Fido....I still have it...n LG Gossip....I've been tempted to see if my sim card would work in it lol

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3


Ok, now I feel old after remembering my first cell phone lol. It was a block Motorola. You made and answered calls.....that was about it. 😂

I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

My first owned (not company provided) was a Motorola back in the last millenium, the old grey ones with the retractable black plastic antenna, flip open to reveal the white plastic buttons. had the glowing orange LED numbers like a TI calculator. Came with extra Ni-Cd battery packs and a charger. Sold it in a yard sale about 20 years ago. It was a cool phone that was a cordless landline phone at home and automatically switched to cellular service if I wandered out of range of the base station. Minutes were expensive back then. Had to buy the phone, $800 and a two year contract. Before the contract was up, Bell dropped support for the technology and it became an expensive cell phone only. Next time I moved it got tossed in a box, and I didn't bother getting another for a while.

oldPhone.jpgThe phone pictured is my second. Bought outright in 2001 while I was working for a company under contract to Rogers, climbing towers and hanging antenna and waveguide for the Revolutionary New GSM network being rolled out along the 401 corridor in Ontario. My wife insisted that I be contactable if I was going to be out on the road for a week at a time. Had a reloadable Rogers prepaid card at $0.25/min anywhere in Canada anytime, local or long distance. Which was fabulous.

After a year, Rogers changed the program - $0.25 for local calls and $1.00/minute for long distance. Ouch, bit of a shock. Tried to get it unlocked so I could shop around and was told no. Found another job, threw the phone in a box and didn't get another for a while..


My third phone was a shiny new Xperia Z - got run-ded over by a ( my 😠 ) jeep. 3 months in to a 3 year contract. Fixed the screen and lived with it for another year.

Finally let it die, migrated to a used Xperia M2 which I still have.

4 phones in 20+ years. Probably not average. Probably for good reason.



K. make sure I am where I wanted to be before I learned how to edit a post ... K. 😀


This isn't a phone. Back in the way back days when a cellphone was a mobile phone, you needed something else to do all the other stuff. We called them PDAs.

This is a Compaq Pocket PC "iPAQ". Complete with a Microsoft Mobile Office Suite.

Outlook, Excel, Word and even had  Access for contact management.

Did everything a phone couldn't do.

Still no camera. But it was an important step along the way to the smartphones we take for granted today.


Just another piece of history from the bottom of a Rubbermaid tote that hasn't yet been consigned to electronics recycling. 







Found it! What I liked most about it is that at one point I was able to update my Facebook status by sending a message to some weird number... I though it was so cool haha. 


I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor

This was my magnificent first cell phone. Believe it or not but what I loved the most about it was the antenna I could pull out... How times have changed!



My first phone was the Moto Razr. What I liked the most about it was the slick look and how thin it was. 



I miss these phones (ref. Moto razor it was my second phone ever) my first one was a 10/4 phone, second generation (with a camera, in pink)  (though it wasnt through fido) my first Fido phone was many years ago and it was when "Blackberry Pearl" came my oh my, how far technology came 

My first was this beauty... the Nokia 3310. 




I still miss playing Snake. They have yet to create another game as addictive as that. 

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Senior MVP



 My first phone was the Ericsson CF788. I incorrectly referred to it as the KF788 previously, here. Same form factor; different band/frequency.


~taken from here.


  I loved that it would fit in practically any pocket!


  I still miss my flip-phone 😢