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New Scam Alert!

I'm back
I'm back
New scam Alert!!
I was reached by a person pretending to be Fido/Rogers agent who offered me too good to be the true plan. They offered me iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB or iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB for only 55 Dollars/month everything included. at that point, I did suspect fraud and did not provide information that I thought that is critical like SIN number and credit card info. all they asked was the date of birth and last bill payment amount and the date to confirm the order, I provided those details and was thinking if this is a scam they would try to ship to a different address, which did not happen. After the order confirmation and seeing my address was on the confirmation letter, I called the official confirmation center, and they confirmed that the order is in fact the amount that was confirmed (55 dollars per month, everything included - however failed to mention the device financing was separate)
I checked on the FIDO app multiple times to check and see what actually I am getting charged for. I noticed the device balance and called this person back and he assured me he would apply for credit once I receive the device in my hand. he very much put emphasis on calling him back once I receive the device to activate it and apply for credit.
Final parts!! I received iPhone 14 Pro Max 512 GB. I called him and he told me that the device I got is wrong so I will send you a shipping label and send you AirPods Pro with the next device for my inconvenience. I printed it and sent the device back, upon searching the address given to me it showed to be a house address opposite to written FIDO office in the first line. I called UPS to stop the delivery of the device and send it back and advised FIDO of this as well.
Loopholes are
1. They are able to order phones at FIDO by just DOB and last bill payment information.
2 -while confirming with FIDO, the Customer rep only mentions plan details and not device financing details - when asking in general.
3. scammer can put FIDO in the first line of an address. Please keep an eye out, scammers are getting very smart nowadays.

I'm back
I'm back

what did you do with the device?

I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor

I just got hit with this type of scam as well. Scammers are getting so creative it's insane, the only reason I caught it is because the email for the return label was sketchy and not even from fido. When I called the fido agent to ask if it was a scam they didn't even think it was fraudulent at first because everything was charged legitimately with a fido agent! Only after comparing the notes the fido agent wrote down with what actually happened on the call did he realize it really was fraudulent. They're basically trying to get you to send them a free phone after you legitimately receieve from it from fido. They lie about the actual plan you're getting to entice you into taking it, meanwhile they just set up a new line and a random plan with the device, though a real fido agent while impersonating you. Actually crazy how much effort they're putting in lol. Planning to also talk about this scam on reddit to garner more attention cause it's very tricky and even folks who aren't generally gullible can fall for it.

Hi @Sandipmu142 good thing you dodged that one. Unfortunately you will have to monitor other services and contact your bank to let them know scammers got a hold of your birthdate. Change some passwors and enable 2factor authentication where you can. Thank goodness you were able to stop that shipment. Best regards and be safe