iPhone cullular usage compared to FIDO app usage

iPhone cullular usage compared to FIDO app usage

iPhone cullular usage compared to FIDO app usage

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iPhone cullular usage compared to FIDO app usage

Hello, so I signed up with FIDO this month. I reset my Iphone SE counter upon joining (jul 30).


My FIDO app is saying i've used about 1.1GB, whereas my phone data counter says 330MB. 


I am careful with my data usage and limit which apps access my mobile data. I also have always had plans with 2GB limit, and very rarely gone over this, an if I did, only so at the month's end. 


I seem to be able to find other threads along these lines, so I am concerned that FIDO is registering data usage in a different way. I had a company in Australia that used to round up data usage, so even if you sent a message, it would round up this tiny data event to 1MB, which would result in very high data usage. 


Any ideas what's going on here? 

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Hey @hapjac87 Welcome to the community.🙂 Thank you for choosing Fido, we're happy to have you! 


I see you mention that you reset your data counter on July 30th when you joined Fido. Is that date your billing cycle date? Does it match what it says in your app? If your phone's data tracker isn't aligned with your billing cycle, it may result in misreadings as you point out. Say you set your data limit on the 30th, but your data resets on August 3rd, that would create a disparity of 4 days on your phone's tracker. 


You can alternatively find the day your data resets on your invoice. Let us know if it matches your phone's data tracker. Keep us posted.

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My bill date is the 31 Jul. If I reset my counter before the bill date, I'd expect my phone counter to be higher than the FIDO app usage, not lower (for the 1st month anyway).  

Hey @hapjac87


Thank you for the clarification. I feel it would be important to also point out here that the information tracked from your phone's Mobile Data settings are not directly connected to neither your billing cycle or even your Fido price plan.


In this case it is a function of the phone and we would recommend relying on the information provided directly on My Account or by dialing *3337 from your mobile phone to check out the usage. 


Some important things to consider for usage reflected in the My Account App. 


There can be a delay of up to:


  • 4 hours for voice / text usage to be updated.
  • 12 hours for data usage to be updated.
  • 72 hours before usage summary is reset to 0 at the end of your billing cycle. Before the summary is reset to zero, you will see your previous month's usage.

I hope this helps. Smiley