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data overage is a complete scam.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Ive been with fido for just over a year and I asked for the plan with the most amount of data . I use about 16gigs a month apparently. anyway I can' buy anything over 10 gigs . so my phone bills are outragous. I've been with fido for just over a year and have spent 4400 already on my phone bills. and they want another 1200 .that' 5600 for 1 year and a month . you do the math . thanks fido.ibe asked for the best way to deal with it .like buy another phone plan or some kind of data package and get nothing . I'm pretty sure that data flying through the air cost them next to nothing. i think 200 month for as much data as I could possibly use should be completely fair.but getting 500 dollar bill every month is a complete rip off



I'm experienced level 3
I'm experienced level 3

@Loudnfast similar to the other suggestions here you can:


1. Leverage Data Bytes (5 FREE hours of Data) each month to help reduce your consumption.

2. Use Data TopUps to increase how much data you're allowed to use before being charged overage.

3. Connect to Wi-Fi when possible (many stores, malls and offices have free WiFi nowadays).

4. Check your device and app settings - maybe you are streaming Netflix in 4K on your phone and you could be ok with standard resolution instead - this would save a lot of data.  Same thing with Spotify and other streaming apps.


For more specific advice on reducing your data consumption maybe you can tell us what exactly is using up 16GB of data each month?

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Loudnfast,


  Have you been availing yourself with the Data Top-Ups? I believe the 10Gb plan is a Pulse plan so you should be able to top up your data. Two $30 top-ups would provide you with your 16Gb. You should note that you would have to top-up your data before you reach your limit. Once you do reach your limit, your usage would be charged at your overage rate.


@Loudnfast wrote:

... . I'm pretty sure that data flying through the air cost them next to nothing. ...

  Cellular data costs quite a bit more than traditional wired data. Firstly, there is a physical limitation as to how much data can fly through via the airwaves (Shannon's Law). On the other hand, copper and glass (fibre optics) are much better conductors than air so much more data can be sent via cable or DSL (and faster too).


  In addition, mobile data is also more costly because of licencing costs in spectrum as well as technology. Cellular devices need to connect to the networks using the different bands and frequencies. That spectrum is purchased at a very high cost. Furthermore, Qualcomm holds major patents in EV-DO, WCDMA, HSPA technology. Any device running them including cellphone vendors to network operators have to pay them licencing fees.


  While there are some other providers who offer plans with more included data, you'll note that none of the established providers offer the unlimited data option you seek (at least in Canada). Those who did offer unlimited data had relatively small customer bases. High mobile data usage comes at a cost -- for everyone. As noted above, mobile bandwidth is limited. The more people using data (not to mention voice calls and SMS/MMS), the more that bandwidth needs to be shared . The end result is slower speeds.


Hope this helps Smiley



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Monthly Data top-ups would definitely be the way to go @Loudnfast!


Have you checked those out? They'll save you tons in data overages Smiley



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Loudnfast

Thanks for your feedback. Do you have a Pulse plan? 

We offer an amazing option offering you 5 hours of free data every month.

You can find more information over here!


Hello @Loudnfast,


I do agree $500 a month bill it way too much, if you are a heavy data user and require more data every month you might consider adding the recurring monthly Data Top-Up option you can get more info here.